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A dog will always be a dog

BLue the elderly greyhound is lodging while his mum is on holiday. He's been fabulous with my 18 week old penned Pekin Bantams that I raised from day olds,even when they Do cart wheels on the lawn, and he's good as gold when the other nutty trio of maniacs leg it shrieking. What a brilliant old boy.... Until yesterday. He popped outside to pee by himself and mauled Doris. The garden was strewn with feathers. Doris was panting but not bleeding. There was no resistance when I flexed her feet and she couldn't sit up. One wing was droopy but no bleeding .. I decided to put her in a box supported by straw next to her siblings and see what happened. I couldn't face to PTS.
Miraculously She survived the night but when Buster began to peck her as she sat on the grass I took her inside. I managed to syringe some water down her without much fuss and by late afternoon I placed her in her box next to her siblings distracting them with food. She got out of the box and managed a few wobbly steps. She drank a lot. Snuggled in the sun for a bit and managed to put herself away for an early night . I hope she is only bruised, I really thought she wouldn't survive, and she still may not but I can't blame the dog , only myself. He's relieved we're friends again and has been off his food until we made up at tea time. What a sad old day in
ones own back garden. I hope tomorrow is better.


  • undautriundautri Senior Member
    how is Doris doing today?
    Its common for a chook to go off their feet after an attack ...my rooster sat with a broody for 6 weeks after a fox attack - he was just bruised - but made a full recovery
    x Kath
  • Thankfully she's moving about steadily. Not eating much but preening a little. Her crop isn't empty so I'm massaging it a little. She's had a freshen up in the sink and I don't think there's anymore I can do. Fingers crossed her digestive system reboots ! There's a yellow taint to the clean shavings she sits on. shes doing much better than I thought she would. Xx
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