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26 chickens suddenly dead

I just lost 26 of my chickens in about an 8hr time frame. Woke up and found them all dead under the tree they slept in. And during the day, more would convulse and die. I think it may be insecticide that the farmers put in our field


  • sandiesbrahmassandiesbrahmas Super Moderator
    I'm SO sorry to hear this. It could be a toxin, but also is possibly some horrid infection.Is there any infection in the area? If not, I would contact your neighbour and find out what he's been spraying......if he's responsible, then he needs to be made aware AND compensate you for your sad loss.

  • We don't have any neighbors for about a half mile. The fields are ours but we loan them out to someone. No way of getting a hold of him until he shows back up. Don't know when that will be.
    Most likely when I spread the pesticide, the chickens went into the field afterwards to pick around.
    Nothing else has changed in their day to day life
  • Sad to hear this news!! Have you found out the reason behind the death of 26 Chickens? Now a days its been a season of attracting pests like poisonous insects to the pits. So it might have happened that your chickens might have eaten one of those infectious insect and so this happened. Having pest controlling done from pest control brooklyn ny once in a year is important as it don't let any pest attract to home.
  • Sorry to hear that :( Looks like toxins are the reason
  • Yes!! It is because of using high toxic insecticide.
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