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Scaly leg mite

I have my first case of scaly leg mite. I've heard about treating with ivermectin, but don't know how to apply it. I've also heard about treating with vaseline to smother them but don't know how effective this is or how often to apply. Does anyone have experience of treating the nasty critters successfully?


  • undautriundautri Senior Member
    edited May 2017
    Hello there :)
    i use harkers hypermectin which is sold for use on pigeons and put 5 drops on the back of the neck on lage fowl and 3 drops on bantams
     vaseline works by smothering the mites so they cant breathe but youll end up with messy chickens . ive also used oil - food grade - and dipped their legs in each night for a week before bed time - could also use coconut oil
     the ivermectin works best but discard eggs for at least a week afterwards and thev oil and vaseline etc helps to soften the raised scales ....dont be tempted to pull off any scabs / scales
     hope this helps ...and that you find it amongst all the spam
    xx kath
  • TraceyBTraceyB Senior Member
    Hi Kath,
    Thanks for this - I did manage to find it amongst the spam! I've not been on here for ages and the site is very much changed. I've ordered some ivermectin.
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