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What type of chooks do I have?!

We bought some chicks very cheap of someone rather inexperience with chickens.  She didn't know what type they were and said they could be a mixture, didn't even know what type her chickens were!  Very pretty wee chooks though and have reared them to about 16 weeks (guessing age).  I'm dying to know what breed they are - can anyone take a guess, or are they just a pretty mixture?!

Particularly wanting to know if anyone can spot a rooster in there, as one is crowing at me but always hides in the long grass so not sure which one it is!!  I'm suspecting the one with the "pea comb", but hubby thinks one of the browny speckled ones, so not sure.  Hoping there's not more than one!

(I'm new here so just figuring how to attach pics ... hoping I did it right!)


  • Ok sorry can't figure out how to attach picture - anyone?  lol
  • undautriundautri Senior Member
    hi and welcome
    if youre having trouble posting pics you could try putting them on google plus then posting us a link ?
    generally cockerels have bigger combs than pullets
    hope you don't have the luck I had with my last hatch 4/4 cocks :(
    xx kath
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