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Looking for layer farm management software

Please what is the best software out there for management of a layer farm. We are into commercial egg production and currently have 5,000 layers. i'm looking for a software that will allow us keep all records and analyze data. I want one that is cloud based and also has mobile apps. Is there anything out there?  


  • I made this small app for calculating layer farm feasibility..I hope you find it useful

    you need windows 8+ to open and use this app...its uploaded on windows store...its currently free and in beta version

    My email:
  • tasolutionstasolutions Junior Member
    yes, this software is very effective.
  • I need feedback to improve the app...currently I made it for using the experience I had in poultry industry in Pakistan...I want to make it more useful in the next versions

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    You can have a (free) look at Egg Inventory (https://egginventory.com). It is cloud based and works with any modern browser, including mobile ones. We're continually updating and improving our product and are always open for feedback.
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    Integpoultry - easy farm manager is the best software that can be found today in the market.

    It is a cloud based web application with responsive ui and applications for iOS and Android.

    We have been using it for more than 3 years and saving a lot of money on a daily basis by using it.

    Our farmers don't even have to type daily data,
    It is configured to get all the daily data from the farm controllers (agrologic) and from MOBA egg sorter.


    Good luck.

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