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Help for Meg please. Egg bound ?

Meg is a 77wk old columbian blacktail. One of 2 hens I have. 
Once laying, she missed here and there and unlike Ruby, her eggs were of inconsistent quality..gritty, thin shells, patchy in colour. 
Both regularly wormed with flubenvet..last time was 4wks ago. 
Fed on layers with a handful of corn late afternoon, and treats of hentastic peck block, or bits of fruit and veg. Access to grit and oyster shell all the time.
Home is a 30' part covered run with 3 "rooms" offering a variety of ground, places to explore/hide in etc. They also free range when Im home.

Problem started about 6 wks ago. Meg started laying softies.. and more intermittent than ever. Over the last two wks, she's been missing, then laying a shelled egg which has pushed the softy out, all dry/cooked on. Shes also stopped laying in the nest, preferring the night pooh tray or the ground. (Ruby lays in the nest, big thick shelled eggs regularly)
 Yesterday she started sitting in the nest and my first thought was broody ? She was calm though and made no protest when i lifted her out.
Today, her tail is down but her vent looks normal. Palpation of her belly gave no clues. She has been passing very watery pooh though.
Is it a stuck softy ? There's been nothing for 2 days. Shes drinking but not eating.
Sorry to ramble on but Im trying to cover any questions you may have.


  • undautriundautri Senior Member
    hello and welcome to the site ..your set up and care sounds lovely
     sorry to hear Meg is poorly
      its odd that some eggs are normal and others soft at the same time
     soft shells usually indicate either a lack of calcium or possible infection which will need antibiotics to sort out
    another reason for the shell not forming properly is that the egg is being laid too soon due to a fright or worry ...is there anything that could be upsetting her at the mo ?
    is she being bullied ...any sign of predators or rodents?...cats or dogs nearby ?
    to try to help her at the moment you need to give her extra calcium - cheese , calcium tablets or crushed up egg shell in her food ...if shes not eating then bash the shells into powder form to put in her water
    try to tempt her into eating, preferably soft food such as scrambled egg, but anything she will take to keep her going is fine for now ..she needs to keep her strength up
     if you think theres an egg stuck then try putting her in a bowl of warm water ...not too deep , just so her vent is covered when she sits down ...this will help to relax her
    she can stay in there a while if shes happy to
    the trouble with a soft shell egg is that it is harder for the hen to lay than a hard egg as her muscles have trouble pushing it out ...when they contract , the egg simply squashes and doesnt move so takes longer to be laid ...its hard work and painful and can wear them out
    you say her vent is normal but is it pulsating a lot ?
    you probably wouldnt be able to feel a soft shell thats stuck
    i think the watery poo is just down to her drinking and not eating
    if shes no better tomorrow id pop her to a vet
    keep us up dated
    xx kath
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