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Hi everyone newbie here



  • sandiesbrahmassandiesbrahmas Super Moderator
    Al, I am just catching up on your thread....lovely animals.....and clearly a very lucky bunch. I may have missed it (attention span of a parsnip), but how much land do you own and how long have you been 'collecting' animals? I've had as many as 5 cockerels together without anything more than the occasional display to establish the pecking order, but this needs a combination of good luck as to the 'personalities' of the birds and neighbours (and yourselves!) who don't mind crowing, 'cos there's lots of it.
    I'm a collector myself...currently under 20 chickens, over 100 sheep, 2 cats. a Border Collie (non-working) and various short-term visitors (mostly hedgehogs and bats).
    We have adders over here,too, and they are rather rare in Britain and none in my area. I'm sure that their bite is very painful and your poor Zak is lucky to be OK after it.
    Marie, I didn't know you worked in greenhouses (as it were).I'm going to get one next year, but want one of those polycarbonate or 'bubble wrap' types..


  • Al JonesAl Jones Junior Member
    We have the use of 360 acres and two huge barns here, we held out for the right place and luckily we found it, the house is 1546 circa, a well out the back with a tap for cooking and drinking separate.
    Happy as pigs in a sty here.
  • sandiesbrahmassandiesbrahmas Super Moderator
    Sounds amazing.
    That's a lot of land to look after.....
    A very old house, too. 
    Do you have any pigs?
    We live in an old house....unsure o date, but not as old as yours....with a spring for water supply, rather than a well.

  • Al JonesAl Jones Junior Member
    Next year looking at pigs, looking into Venison also.

    It's the size of the smile on our faces more than the size of the farm.

    It's the life style we adore !
  • solarbatssolarbats Senior Member

    Al - I've just caught up with your pics - what an amazing collection you have!  Thanks for sharing. 

    I also gave up the rat race and became a gardener instead - decided I'd rather have spare time than spare money!

    What HUGE dogs you have - quite a handful I should think!  One of our friend's dogs was bitten by an adder last week, and despite us all being pretty sure it was an adder bite, the vet misdiagnosed, and the correct treatment was not given until a whole day later!  As a result the dog ended up on a drip for three days, but did make it.  My OH was bitten by an adder whilst walking our dog once, and he had a pretty rough couple of days with flu-like symptoms.

  • undautriundautri Senior Member
    sorry - only just catching up with your fantastic pics -
    that was quite a big adder you had there
    hope the dog made a full recovery
    very jealous of your mini farm
    x kath
  • Al JonesAl Jones Junior Member
    Country file this evening were at the Suffolk Chicken Company which is where we got our birds !

    An excellent setup, so pleased to be able to recommend them to anyone starting out or adding to their clutch !

    How has everyone's winter been ?

    Ours haven't stopped laying, six hens and five eggs a day everyday, not missed a day, lovely good girls we have !

    Wish you all well.

    Al & Tina
  • sandiesbrahmassandiesbrahmas Super Moderator
    I guess that they are young hens then, Al, as they lay through the first winter.

    Mine are old girls on the whole, with my current oldest being Mrs Grey who is 9 and has only laid about 100 eggs in the whole of her life.


  • undautriundautri Senior Member
    hi al and tina
    nice to hear youre getting a good supply of eggs
    all quite quiet down here but my lot seem to have come into lay early this year  ,well those still young enough to lay anyway ,so im a happy bunny too
    xx kath
  • Al JonesAl Jones Junior Member

    Our girls are only a year old, just !

    Maybe adding to the clutch this year !

    We suppose that we'll have to watch for any bullying ?

  • undautriundautri Senior Member
    hi Al
    bullying is only a problem if they are in small spaces - a problem you wont have
    my Georgie could have won a gold medal in the grumpy bully category but as long as the others kept their distance it was no problem...naturally , bigger hens will throw their weight around a bit and then theres those with small man syndrome (like Georgie)who think they are giants when they are only half pints but i always find that my bottom hen is always the fastest and cleverest of the bunch...and the most independant
    xx kath
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