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What do I do?

My hens broody (as we have a cockerel) but she's only sitting on one egg.
What do I do?
I've heard of candling but never tried it.Any tips for a first timer?


  • undautriundautri Senior Member
    hi and welcome to the forum
    if you want chicks you can give her more eggs
    theres not much to do when you use a broody for hatching apart from keeping her healthy and candling the eggs to see if they are growing .................
     make sure she comes off the nest at least twice a day to eat, drink, poo and exercise
    sometimes shell be in a rush to return but other outings may take longer - as long as she returns in say 20 mins the eggs will be fine
    as for candling - you need a candler or a strong torch - go somewhere very dark and shine the light through - put the cup of the candler onto the egg
    the first few days will show spidery veins , later you will see movement , later still the chick will have filled the egg so you wont see anything much
     dont candle too often say day 5, day 10and 15
    if the hen kicks an egg away from her chances are its a dud so candle it and if you dont see anything chuck the egg
     theres brilliant videos on you tube re candling
    eggs usually hatch after about 21 days - dont take the hen off the eggs for the last 4 days , just make sure theres food and water near for her

    the day you put the eggs under her is day0- day one is when theyve been under her for 24 hrs if you dont see anything after 23 days then you probably wont
    prepare for hatching day by putting chick crumbs in the brooder and a shallow saucer of water with an upturned cup on it or some marbles- chicks can drown easily
     the rest is up to mum
     wishing you lots of luck
     x kath

  • solarbatssolarbats Senior Member


    If you do give her more eggs bear in mind that more than 50% are usually cockerels. Not that I have anything against them Kath....

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