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Speckled sussex hatching eggs for sale

speckled sussexspeckled sussex Junior Member
edited August 2014 in Market Place
Hi, I live in warwickshire and I have five purebred speckled sussex hens running with an unrelated cockeral. They are very happy and healthy and are fed a varied diet, with plenty of greens. The cockeral is very active and proven fertile, last batch of eggs tested 5/5 fertile. If anyone is interested in some hatching eggs, drop me a line.


  • Sussex breederSussex breeder Junior Member
    edited August 2014
    Hi. I've only just signed up but been very interested in these chicken forums which provide so much great information. :)

    Was just wandering if you still had fertile speckled eggs for sale by any chance and if so how much. I live I Darwin if u did have any what would it take to send them? Thanks so much look forward to hearing from you
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