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Man thing

SimonSimon Junior Member
edited July 2009 in "Off Your Chest"
My wife has recently started keeping chickens. We have 4 which was bought from a breeder but couldnt sex them and we have 2 rescue hens. Unknown to my wife who is a novice, Sylvie is now a Sylvester and we also believe to have been sold another cockerel out the 4. My neighbours dont have a sense of humour and basically I would like to know how to release the 2 crowers. Is there any rescue centers that take in cockerels?? or do any readers of this forum know anyone that could help me. Not sure of breed, I can also travel within reason to deliver.


  • from field to forkfrom field to fork Senior Member
    edited July 2009
    Firstly, if you shut your cockerels in at night and do not let them out until your neighbours have got up in the morning, you should be alright - they do not crow until they are let out. I have about 50 cockerels at the moment and this works fine for me. A word of warning is that if you reduce the amount of daylight your hens get they will stop laying [16 hours or so is what they need]. So separate them if necessary.

    I grow my cockerels on until they are about 22/24 weeks, with good plump breastmeat on them and they are very tasty.

    You can google for rescue centres - cockerels are generally a pain to get rid of because of the crowing problem.

    If you are near Oxford, I can help but not if you do not want me to eat them.
  • SimonSimon Junior Member
    edited July 2009
    Many thanks for that FFTF. Am based in East Kent nowhere near Oxford, so will keep looking.
  • from field to forkfrom field to fork Senior Member
    edited July 2009
    Good luck Man Thing
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