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crook chook

miffymiffy Junior Member
edited November 2006 in Poultry Health and Welfare
I have a chook who looks unwell. Her comb is dark in colour. She sits or stands, shakes her head and her eyes seems to be unfocused. The other chickens are being agressive towards her. One of my chooks(i dont know which one) occassionally lays soft eggs. The sick one is not laying at present. She doesnt seem to have any discharge form nose or eyes. Any ideas? on a second look she is now sitting all hunched up and I am thinking that maybe she is egg bound. Could this be the case?


  • crazychickcrazychick Senior Member
    edited November 2006
    Sounds like she has something going on that is causing low oxygen in her blood OR she is dehydrated- these are the things that generally cause dark comb color. If she is being picked on by the others, I'd separate her right away and have a good look at her. Is she closing her eyes a lot? Breathing heavily? Eating anything? Is she dehydrated (eyes sunken and eye lids seem more "pronounced") and feels light to pick up? Is her keel pronounced and sharp or does it feel like she's got decent muscling around it? Is her abdomen swollen or does it feel like an abdomen on a healthy hen? Have a look in her mouth? Any lesions or bad smells?

    Some possibilities are: chronic respiratory disease, lung infection (although there is no discharge they can get tiny little abscesses in the lungs, causing darkened comb but few respiratory symptoms), heart disease/failure, stroke, canker. Give her a good looking over and let us know if you find anything more. Might have to start her on antibiotics but we should rule out a few other possibilities first.

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