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hello i'm new

shonashona Junior Member
edited June 2009 in "Off Your Chest"
hello all :) im new to here and chicken keeping, i've had my 4 ex tesco battery girls for 4 months and recently got a light sussex cockerel. i am thoroughly enjoying keeping "chuckuns" . last tuesday evening i went to lock up and at the front gate of house found a cardboard box with 2 beautiful white silkie cockerels inside:( i think the person responsible heard we have hens and thought i might like these birds. i live in the country a few miles from the nearest village so unlikely it was a chance dumping. i still cant get over why anyone would do this. i am thinking about keeping them :) but not sure if it would work out with the "boss cock" . looking forward to learning lots on here :)


  • hippioflovhippioflov Junior Member
    edited June 2009
    Cock fights are an ugly business. My son's step brother was given an extra rooster and it nearly killed the old rooster. His description of the fight was quite grusome. Now they keep the old rooster in a fence - kinda lonely. I've always heard from my elders that you keep one roo on the farm. But if you have lots of room in the country to roam, the roosters may work out a pecking order. Of course, you could get lots more hens to keep the roosters busy. :eek:
  • mandiemandie Senior Member
    edited June 2009
    hi shona and welcome,if your thinking of introducing the new boys to your current boy be very careful,its always best to put them in site of each other but not able to get at each other and see how they react firstly i.e have the new boys in with them but in some sort of cage so no damage can be done,then if they seem ok id introduce them all together away from the hens so the newbies dont go rushing in on his girls,if they are ok keep the 3 together for a few days away from the girls then re-introduce them all together but you will need at least 5 hens per cockrel to stop fights,good luck and let us know how it goes.
  • flintstoneflintstone Senior Member
    edited June 2009
    pecking orders are nothing new, It happens in all species. It is just a case of being careful on how you introduce your new stock. by the way when introducing new stock you should always keep them away from the main herd for a month or so to allow for any problems to show. This prevents your herd from becoming sick if the new boy on the block has any thing you dont already have.....This also eliminates any possible losses.
  • shonashona Junior Member
    edited June 2009
    hi thanks for your welcome :) we re-homed one of the silkies with a friend and decided to keep the other, we are for now keeping him in a run next to the original coop and so far there has not been any aggresion , we have now purchased from a breeder 3 10 week old silkie chicks and a friesian fowl chick for the new cockerel :) they are in the coop with him and all getting along superbly. maybe its just the sight of the new babies but one of my rescue chooks is now broody lol :D the free running hens and cock stand at the run "talking" to the newbies, all very amusing .
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