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vickyvicky Junior Member
edited October 2006 in Poultry Health and Welfare
Hi everyone just talking chick trouble. In aug got 30 buff orpingtons were in the house until they were 4 weeks old then put them out side with light. When i got them threw the mail 1 of the chicks head was up side down, called company that i got them from and they said it some time happens and that some times they come out of it. So 2 days go by and it dies, then two more die.Then all is well did not lose any more. Moved them outside. Then had one that had a little blood in poo,I have been giving them starter with meds. I have been comming on and talking here about my troubles. I clean there pin every day had to give meds for coccidiosis Went out yesterday and one of the chicks is opening and closing its mouth like it cant breath good, So i think is respirtory problem. I have been raising chicken for about 6 years now and i have never had so many problems . I have never had any. I dont know if getting just one breed of chicken that has caused all the problems, all my other ones were everything but the kitchen sink. I want to get some white rocks and black australorps to. I dont know if i should or not????? Am now giving chicks oxytetracycline. I do not have a vet that does chicken here got meds from my feed store. I talk to her about what is going on and she said give them this.I have never had a baby chick even die before.:confused:One trouble i have forgot was the waddling chicken.


  • SandySandy Senior Member
    edited October 2006
    Hi Vicky

    Sounds like your really having a time of it with these chicks.. this sometimes happens with a clutch of chicks...

    I'm not sure what your questions are ?

    You really should keep chicks under light and out of draft until they are at least 6 weeks old and fully feathered.. this may have been part of the problem.. they could have chilled and then come into contact with Cocci dust where you put them

    The medicated feed sometimes is old and sometimes isn't mixed correctly.. so chicks can still and do get Coccidiosis.. its always a good idea to have Cocci meds available at first signs you can treat them... and sometimes they get a respiratory infection as a secondary infection from the Coccidiosis

    Any birds you have that come through the mail are suffering from stress... so you always put multi vitamins and Electrolytes into their drinking water for the next 6 weeks

    You have no idea how the chicks parents were fed prior to the collection of the eggs... so you don't know if they are lacking any thing nutritionally or with vitamins or minerals

    And you always make sure the brooder they are put into is warm enough for them and they have food 24 hours a day for the first 6 weeks of life for proper growth

    You also need to dip their beaks into the water to teach them to drink and its a good idea to mix up the chick crumbes with a little milk to start with and put the Multi vits into this mixture.. only a very small amount of mv.. then put it into a dish that is low .. they stand in it and poop in it.. but they love it .. you need to mix it up a hour later .. they stomp it down flat and compact it .. its a great way to get them up and running and eating

    When ever yu put chicks outside in dust or dirt areas yu always run the risk of them picking up bugs... germs.. and especially Coccidosis.. the minute you see foamy yellow or any pink in any droppings always think Cocci... and treat them straight away.. the quicker you can treat the less likely they will die.. untreated chicks die very quickly from Cocci

    Before you get more chicks.. get these ones right.. then order more chicks.. make sure you have meds on hand and knowing what your looking at with the droppings etc. .... your so much closer to helping them in the event that something is going wrong

    Hang in there
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