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Sexing Chickens

samsam Junior Member
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I am new to keeping hens as a hobby. I currently have a hen sitting on her eggs and has been for 7 days now. I know the chicks should hatch at 21 days. Can anyone advise me as to how I can tell the sex of the chicks? Your help would be very much appreciated.


  • blondeblonde Senior Member
    edited May 2009
    Queensland Department of Primary Industry. Chicken Sexing.

    Slow feathering males--coverts are same length or longer than the primary wing feathers.
    Fast feathering females---primary wing feathers are long than coverts

    Is difficult to master without instruction. but if you you look up the site you can have a read and may be some one in your area may be able to help out.

    Day old chickens have been bred so that males are white and females are brown

    Chick tester ( Japanese) features a blunt ended tellescopic tube containing a light. Inserted in to evacuated cloaca and can identify testis or ovaries. This depends on level of experience. Not used widely due to parts not available for machines any longer.
  • BackYardBeautiesBackYardBeauties Junior Member
    edited May 2009
    It depends on what sort of birds you have really. If you are new to poultry I would forget about vent sexing, even the most experienced of breeders cant vent sex, its a very difficult thing to do! Feather sexing is the easiest, when they come into their second week look for tail growth, the ones that produce tail feathers first are most likley to be the females, works for most breeds but some can be difficult. There are also the sex link breeds, they are a barred bird over a non barred bird. They are the easiest of them all, male and female chicks having different down patterns, just google sex linked poultry and you will get the info on that. The more you breed the better you will get at telling whos who from a young age, it becomes quite obvious. :)

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