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Layer problems

jim mccallumjim mccallum Junior Member
edited May 2009 in "Off Your Chest"
I have 29 layer hens that were giving me 22 - 24 eggs per day up until last dec. then they stopped laying altogether. In Feb. they started up again and went to 15 a day, then they quit again and have'nt laid since. They are only 1 year old. I have made sure they have plenty of food and fresh water, and a well maintained and clean coop. I've never had this happen in five years of keeping hens. Anyone with an idea or suggestions?. Thanks.


  • Elsheikh27Elsheikh27 Junior Member
    edited March 2009
    Hi, I am Dr/ Elsheikh, working for Animal Production Research Centre, Sudan a breeder.I think it is something concerning the feed,as there were no infections or un good living conditoins, so, my advice is to chick the feed.
  • kjackjac Junior Member
    edited May 2009
    have you sorted this out because i am having the same problems as you and dont now what to try next regards
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