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Lethargic hen

rainbowfishrainbowfish Member
edited March 2009 in Producers and Vets
My white sultan has been lethargic, gave her bicarb of soda with water as a local farmer suggested thinking she's eggbound but havin checked her vent she is discharging a slight yellowy liquid and I can see blood too. Her feathers are staining a reddy brown because of this. One of my other girls has lice so theyr all bein treated but she is the only one with this discharge. I also think its her whose droppings are very dark brown, almost black and not solid, more sloppy but not totally watery. She's preferring to stand in one position rather than wander round the garden and her vent is annoying her cos she's keeps trying to peck at it.:(

I have no idea whats wrong but I know shes not herself in character at the mo.
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