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Lameness in Goose

greenalgaegreenalgae Junior Member
edited January 2009 in Producers and Vets
I have an African Grey Goose...she is 21 years old and I have had her since birth. About two months ago she started having a little gimp in her walk...I didnt worry too much, as I thought maybe it was the beginning of arthritis, and the cold was making her a little stiff. Now the gimp has turned into a painful looking limp, and she will only move around her pool and feeder...she and her mate have an indoor/outdoor enclosure, and even when he goes outside she will not. I realize this is not healthy. Even when I put her outside, she will sit there and not move. When I enter to pick her up (she is imprinted) she will walk then, but very slow. If this is arthritis, is there anything I can do to help her? Meds, heatlamps, ??...could it be viral? Any suggestions will be helpful...I would like to try a few things at home before traumatizing her with a ride and visit to the vet...thanks in advance for the help.
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