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looking for veterinarian/ animal scientist in Hungary

AkomarAkomar Junior Member
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A position for a commercial vet/ animal scientist is available in Hungary.
Feed additives producer need a Country Manager.
Please apply at jobs.zootehnie@gmail.com


  • ibrahim ahmedibrahim ahmed Junior Member
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    Dear Sir,

    I have applied for this job at your given email address with my resume attached but Do let me know if you consider me for this position or any other position after reviewing my resume.

  • drj_ch@hotmail.comdrj_ch@hotmail.com Junior Member
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    Akomar wrote:
    A position for a commercial vet/ animal scientist is available in Hungary.
    Feed additives producer need a Country Manager.
    Please apply at jobs.zootehnie@gmail.com
    Muhammad Javid Iqbal
    1106-40 Panorama Crt.
    Etobicoke. Ontario.
    Phone # 416 746 2846
    drj_ch@yahoo.com drj_ch@hotmail.com

    DVM from College Of Veterinary Sciences Lahore Pakistan. MSc(Hons) Vet Clinical Medicine And Surgery From University Of Agriculture Faisal Abad Pakistan. Basic knowledge of computer.

    Five years working experience as a farm manager at Bilal Poultry And Livestock Farm. Arifwala, Punjab, Pakistan. This one is the first farm in Pakistan imported from Tecno Company, Italy and is full automatic having 2,50,000 layers, 50,000 broilers and 60 Friesian cows imported from Australia.
    Ten years working experience as a Veterinary Officer in a Veterinary Hospital, Govt of Punjab, Pakistan having main duties treatment of animals and management of slaughter house.
    Working at KIK custom products at Kipling and Rexdale from 19 Feb.19,2008 to June.05, 2008 as a general worker.
    Working as an Extruder operator from June.06, 2008 to March 03,2009. at Royal Window And Door Profile Pant # 01 at highway 07 and 27 intersection.

    December 01, 1973

    Landed immigrant.

    References are available on request
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    Dr. Abdul Basit
    Livestock & Dairy Development Department Civil Veterinary Hospital
    Mastung, Government of Balochistan, Pakistan.
    Cell: (+92) 333-3728506, (+92) 345-3254619
    To obtain a challenging and rewarding position in public and private sectors, where I can utilize my knowledge and ability, acquired in my graduation programme with devotion and pain sticking in my concerned discipline.
    • Veterinarian with over three years of an experience in small animals treatment Sheep and Goat ( Ruminants )
    • Great ability to communicate with others and to assimilate and understand information, in a manner consistent with the essential job functions.
    • Excellent ability to make sound decisions in a manner consistent with the essential job functions.
    • Sound ability to effectively present information in one-on-one situations, and in demonstrating good public relation skills.
    • Deep ability to apply common sense understanding to carry out detailed written or oral instructions.
    • Remarkable ability to deal with problems involving a few concrete variables in standardized situations
    Professional Experience
    City of Mastung: Balochistan 2009
    Assistant District Livestock officer:
    Livestock & Dairy Development Department Government of Balochistan
    Treatment: Treatment of small & large animals as well as poultry.
    Shearing: To aware the people’s of rural areas about the Treatment of small & large animal’s, as well as aware them in poultry industry.
    District Veterinary officer:
    An Organization (Balochistan Rural Support Programme (BRSP)
    City of Mongacher: Balochistan 2007
    • Inspect the Animal Services and Placement Center for disease and sanitary conditions; inspect, evaluate, and make recommendations on animals being admitted to the Animal Center when requested to do so by the Superintendent.
    • Perform castration which is admitted to the clinic for that purpose.
    • Proper Vaccination of small ruminants (Sheep), (Goat).
    • Made a routine health status examination on all animals in the facility.
    • Kept immediate supervisor and designated others fully and accurately informed concerning work progress, including present and potential work problems and suggestions for new or improved ways of addressing such problems.
    • Communicated and coordinates regularly with appropriate others to maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of interdepartmental operations and activities.
    • Attended meetings, conferences, workshops and training sessions and reviewed publications and audio-visual materials to become and remain current on the principles, practices and new developments in assigned work areas.
    • Trained and coordinated the work of Animal Care personnel in the operation and maintenance of the County's Impoundment Facility.
    • Observed and monitored health and well-being. Maintained observation records, observed the animals for body temperature changes, stool and urine observations, hydration levels, lethargy, feeding and eating responses, and stress levels. Informed veterinary staff and management of conditions noted through observations, as necessary.
    • Cleaned indoor caging, and animals themselves. Cleaned and disinfected cage interior, exterior, "furniture," and areas around the caging (floors, counters, under and above the caging).
    Professional Trainings, Research Work and Skills
    • Have completed the Research work on Comparative Efficacy of Various Drugs against Fascioliasis in Sheep.
    • Participated in Training on Veterinary Medicine, Livestock & Social Mobilization Held at the Veterinary Hospital & Shees Hotel Quetta Arranged by Balochistan Rural Support Programme from 23rd April to 3rd May, 2007.
    • Worked as District Veterinary Officer & Social Mobilizer (Field Unit Mongacher) in Balochistan Rural Support Programme Field Unit Kalat from 26th March 2007 to 22 Feb 2008.
    • Worked as Coordinator in CLEWS Training held at DLO BRSP Office Kalat from 28th June to 8th July, 2007.
    • Worked in Flood Relief in BRSP + UNICEF at District: Khuzdar (NAAL), as D.V.O.
    • Participated in 3 month’s Training on Veterinary Medicine, Livestock, Held at Different Departments of Livestock Government of Balochistan.
    • Participated in Training on Advance IT Programme held at the Iqra University Quetta.
    • Working in Poultry, Cattle, Sheep & Goat Farming in Private Sector Since 5 Years,

    • Working as Assistant District Livestock Officer (VETERINARY DOCTOR) in Livestock & Dairy Development Department Government of Balochistan Pakistan.
    Registered Veterinary Medical Practitioner (RVMP-3486)
    • Qualification: Graduate
    • Title of course: D.V.M (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine)
    • University: Sindh Agriculture University(Faculty of D.V.M & A.H)
    • Location: Tando Jam (Sindh) Pakistan.
    • Certificate type: Degree(B.sc 4years)
    • Date: 2007
    Personal Details
    • Father Name: Abdul Aleem
    • Fathers Occupation: Land Lord
    • Nationality: Pakistani
    • Age: 04/Jan/1979
    • Marital status: Single
    • Religion: Muslim
    • National Identity Card #: 54400-2081403-9
    • Passport No. AB3874031

    Hobbies: Playing Card’s, Watching T.V, Keeping the garden under control, making tomato sauce preserves, Cooking, Chatting, and Music.

    • Dr. Khalid Baloch Executive District Officer. Civil Veterinary Hospital Mastung
    • Cell: (+92) 3023173742
    • Dr. Zarif khan Wool Research Officer. Wool research Laboratory Mastung
    • Cell: (+92) 3337849206.
    • Noor Ahmed Deputy District Officer. Coconut Farm Uthal
    • Cell: (+92) 3458815436.
    • Abdul Qadeer Regional Programme Officer ( BRSP)
    • Cell: (+92) 3003828710
    • Dr.Mohammad asif Veterinary Officer, Wool research Laboratory Mastung.
    • Cell: (+92) 3003865645
  • b_dpatil09b_dpatil09 Junior Member
    edited April 2009
    Email: - b_dpatil09@rediff.com

    A 32 years of experience in Raring Of Commercial Broilers and layers, Raring of layers , Broiler parents and Grant parents Hatchery and Feed Manufacturing unit and other Poultry operations .

    Educational Information: Objective Personal Skills Merits :-

    1. Master Of Science (M.Sc) with specialization in Animal husbandry & Dairy..

    2. Bachelor Of Degree Of Agriculture (B.Sc).

    Merits :
    1. Recipient of Junior fellowship which is awarded by “Indian council of Agriculture Research, New Delhi” being successful in competitive examination held throughout India for Post Graduation Study.

    2. Recipient of a Gold medal for being first class first with distinction in all subjects by Punjabrao Krishi Vidyapeeth,Akola(M.S) India.

    Training :
    1. YESEONG Agriculture Co Ltd,197-2-2 KA SONG LEON DONG-JEON-BUK SOUTH KOREA. Technical training in “Modern Mushroom Growing”.


    1. Supe’s Poultry Farm, Shemba, District-Buldhana (M.S),India.

    • Designation: Farm Manager
    • Duration: 1976-1978.
    • Responsibilities:
    a) Involved in management of 10,000 layers & 5000 broilers per week and agriculture farm.
    b) Management like Feed Preparation, Vaccination, Medication, Disease Investigation, Marketing and Labor Handling.

    2. Venketeshwara Hatcheries Ltd,Pune (M.S) India.

    • Designation: Farm Manager
    • Duration: 1978-1981
    • Responsibilities:
    a) Handled Babcock 380, grand parent and parents, COBB-100, Grand parent and parents, worked in vaccine division, hatcheries and feed manufacturing unit.
    b) Rearing of 20,000 layer grand parents, 20,000 broiler grand parents, 20,000 layer parents and 50,000 broiler parents stock.
    c) Vaccination, Disease Investigation, Medication.
    d) Future production projection schedule preparation.
    e) Preparation of project reports for small marginal and large scale poultry farms.
    f) Administration and handling of staff.
    g) Providing technical training to the staff of other sister concern units of the same group.
    h) During this period I worked in poultry vaccine production division of the same group of hatcheries named Shrini and Ventri Bio-Tech Logical Pvt Ltd, Pune (Maharashtra) INDIA for six months.

    3. Nefraday Nigeria Ltd,Kwara State,Illorin,Nigeria.
    • Designation: General Manager
    • Duration: 1981-1984
    • Responsibilities:
    a) Handled 1, 00,000 commercial layers, broilers and layer parents and hatchery feed unit, fishery, mushroom growing and agricultural farm.

    4. KUKUCHKU Poultry Farm,Jalgaon (M.S) India.
    • Owner of Commercial Broiler Farm, From 1984-1990.

    5. Anusaya Poultry Farm,Malkapur (M.S) India
    • Designation: Director (technical services)
    • Duration: 1991-2003
    • Responsibilities:
    a) Rearing of 10.5000 broiler.
    b) Vaccination, Disease Investigation, Medication and feed manufacturing unit .
    c) Administration and handling of staff.

    6.1 Shreenagar poultry Breeding & Hatcheries,Butwal,
    6.2 Jems Agro Poultry Farm,Kathmandu,Nepal.
    • Designation: General Manager.
    • Duration: 2004-Till Date .
    • Responsibilities:
    a) All Management like feed preparation, Disease investigation, Medication.
    b) Rearing of Broiler and Hexes brown layer parents.
    c) Hatchery unit.
    d) Administration and handling of staff.
    e) Providing technical training to the staff and farmers.
  • drjohnbordrjohnbor Junior Member
    edited April 2009
    Dear sir,

    Presently woking in India in a Group related with poultry industry and i would like to put my candidature for the post you have mentioned. If you are interested then let me know wher i have to send my Cv.


    edited December 2009
    I m a professional graduate of DVM with first devision and
    also have a some experience of few monthes at broiler and layer farm during degree in
    university as well as 4-5 monthes of internship programme too and now a days looking for a
    job.SIR I completed my degree recently and i m restless now a
    days to persue a challenging position and growth oriented carrier in the feild of
    veterinary sciences where I can best utilize my expertise with a leading group in
    a mutually beneficial arrangement.Please inform if u would like to have a detailed CV.
    With best regards

    E MAIL:docplus01@yahoo.com
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