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Messy comb on polish bantam

rainbowfishrainbowfish Member
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I had 2 white-crested black polish bantams but unfortunately 1 died a couple of weeks ago. I think it was exploding egg as she went very groggy. The comb of my other bantam is very straggly, instead of it being round and full it's quite often flat on the top to the extent that I can see her scalp. She doesn't appear to be losing any feathers but there are a lot of feather tubes visible but new feathers don't appear to be growing. She seems to be in good health, eating, drinking, the perkiest of my hens having a run around but I'm worried about her comb. I have a chamois polish bantam and her comb is much rounder but both of the combs seem to look greasy/wet. My white-crested had lice a few weeks ago which I treated her for and her feathers in general are looking a bit messy - any tips on how to wash her and why her comb is not 100%?


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    Is she molting? It is getting to be that time of the year. When my Polish molt, sometimes they get "tube" feathers & a sort of "part" in their "hair" Put a little neosporin on the exposed area. It will help it to heal, as well as soften up those painful "tube" feathers.
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