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Poultry Marketing & Enterprise Specialist

Jenny_Pan@dai.comJenny_Pan@dai.com Junior Member
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Location: Indonesia

DAI works at the vanguard of international development, uniting technical excellence, consummate project management, and uncompromising customer service to solve our clients’ most complex problems. Since 1970, DAI has worked in 150 developing and transition countries, providing comprehensive development solutions in the areas of democratic governance and public sector management, agriculture and agribusiness, private sector development and financial services, economics and trade, HIV/AIDS, and avian influenza control.

DAI currently seeks a Poultry Marketing/Enterprise Specialist who will be an integral member of a four-person team involved in the implementation and management of a pilot private partnership activity delivering biosecurity services to Sectors 1, 2, and 3 of the Indonesian poultry industry.

The Marketing and Enterprise Specialist will use her/his extensive knowledge of and experience with the industry’s structure, operations, business economics and actors, to develop and effectively target interventions to be delivered by the private sector partners which the Specialist also will identify and recruit. She/he will support the private partners in acquiring the necessary technical and business skills required to effectively market and deliver their biosecurity services to clients.

For more information and to apply for the position, please go to the following link: https://careersdc.dai.com/detail.asp?jobid=dai1209


  • drj_ch@hotmail.comdrj_ch@hotmail.com Junior Member
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    Muhammad Javid Iqbal
    1106-40 Panorama Crt.
    Etobicoke. Ontario.
    Phone # 416 746 2846
    drj_ch@yahoo.com drj_ch@hotmail.com

    DVM from College Of Veterinary Sciences Lahore Pakistan. MSc(Hons) Vet Clinical Medicine And Surgery From University Of Agriculture Faisal Abad Pakistan. Basic knowledge of computer.

    Five years working experience as a farm manager at Bilal Poultry And Livestock Farm. Arifwala, Punjab, Pakistan. This one is the first farm in Pakistan imported from Tecno Company, Italy and is full automatic having 2,50,000 layers, 50,000 broilers and 60 Friesian cows imported from Australia.
    Ten years working experience as a Veterinary Officer in a Veterinary Hospital, Govt of Punjab, Pakistan having main duties treatment of animals and management of slaughter house.
    Working at KIK custom products at Kipling and Rexdale from 19 Feb.19,2008 to June.05, 2008 as a general worker.
    Working as an Extruder operator from June.06, 2008 to March 03,2009. at Royal Window And Door Profile Pant # 01 at highway 07 and 27 intersection.

    December 01, 1973

    Landed immigrant.

    References are available on request
  • saeedsaeed Junior Member
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    Name: Saeed Ahmed Butt
    Address: h#644 St#9 I-10/2 Islamabad
    Phone: 92-0300-5111992
    Email: saeedahmad2000@hotmail.com
    Degree: B-Sc (hons) Animal Husbandry
    Year of Award: 1980
    Institution: University of Agriculture Faisalabad Pakistan
    Professional Experience:

    Company: Arbor Acres pakistan Ltd in 1980 upto 1984 The largest day-old broiler producing company at that time in apkistan along with PIA Shaver
    Location: All Pakistan- Mansehra Abbotabad,Quetta(Balochistan)
    Job Title,Responsibilities: worked as Manager at broiler breeder and layer breeder(white leg hen) farm at Mansehra,Abbotabad and then at Quetta (Balochistan) project (Balochistan Poultry Limited) as overall incharge of Broiler breeding farm,Feed mills and Hatchery units.

    Company: Sindh Feeds of Allied Products
    Location: Karachi(sindh Province) Pakistan
    Period: 1983 to 1986
    Title: Sales and Technical Manager
    Responsibilities: marketing of feeds and after sales technical service to broiler breeder,commercial broiler and commercial layer flocks related to there disease aspect and bio security measures

    Company: Karachi Feeds
    Location: Karachi (Sindh) Pakistan
    Company Profile: The largest poultry feed company having four feed mill units in Pakistan Punjab Feeds,Olympic Feeds,Lahore Feeds Ltd and also big hatchery and ascending farm.Broiler breeder and alayer breeder units at Karachi,Lahore and Abbotabad
    Responsibilities: Sales and Technical Manager
    Period: 1986 to 1992
    -afterwards i took admission in University of Agriculture Faisalabad to qualify for MSc. (hons) Animal Nutrition.Parallel to that i worked as poultry Management Specialist consultant to commercial layer and broiler farms

    Company: Rohtas Feeds and Allied Products
    Location: Islamabad Pakistan
    Period: 1993 to 1997
    Title of job: General Manager Marketing and Technical Services
    Responsibilities: Consultancy and lookafter providing technical services to the frenchiser.Broiler breeder farms at Mansehra Abbotabad, local Islamabad area and Murree.All the problems related to breeding, hatchability, nutritional aspects of poultry flocks and other managemental aspects related disease, vaccination and bio security of farms. Afterwards i started my own business commercial broiler farming and layer farming.

    Company: a-Conimpex Hatchery and Breeding farms Multan Pakistan
    b-Premium feeds
    Location: Islamabad (Pakistan)
    Title: Area Manager Marketing and Technical Services
    Period: 1998 to 2003
    Responsibilities: Marketing of day-old layer chicks commercila hyline w-36 and w-98 breeder to commercila farms. After sales technical services including there schedules for vaccination, rearing, medication, flocks, body weight monitoring and light schedule before laying and after start of laying. Nutrional aspects to get maximum production from the flocks.

    From August 2008 i am working with the only largest Avian Influenza vaccine producing local company in Pakistan at Bio Labs Islamabad and establishing the first and only largest setup of biological at RCCI Rawat Islamabad that will produce Avian Influenza vaccines, aqueous based and oil based H9, H7, H5 and hydrovac T-C (O*) (Tissue Culture) and aqueous (concentrated) A* for poultry and large animals as Manager marketing and Technical all over Pakistan.

    Company: Pharmacon International (Grand Pharma)
    Title: Marketing and Technical Manager
    Location: Rawat Industrial estate Rawat Islamabad Pakistan
    Responsibilities: Marketing and providing Technical services to the broiler breeder flocks vaccinated against Bioavian avian Influenza H9, H7, H5 and hydrovac T-C (O*) aqueous and oil based vaccines and also to commercial broiler and layer flocks in controlled environment sheds in all over Pakistan.
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