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chicken loosing weight and feathers

j setmayerj setmayer Junior Member
edited December 2008 in Producers and Vets
i need some help fast, i have a young leghorn as a pet ( i also have a gold lace wyandotte) she has lost a lot of her feathers and is very thin she has a good appetite but does not seem to be absorbing her food she is getting a special mash i make up for her of carrot juice some hard bioled egg and some 30% protein feed that was recommended to me by a woman who has experience with chickens, when she eats she will gasp some like trying to clear her throat and then continues eating and she will stretch her neck at the same time. vets cant find anything wrong with her, bloodwork has been done cant find any mites on her, xrays have been done dont see anything wrong with her windpipe or treachea. She is getting Vit B complex injections and today she had a vit A injection, she is also on albon in case it is coccidia, butthese birds where healthy and no coccidia was found in there stoll last year. her breastbone sticks out like a knife and the chicken lady who i spoke about says she thinks it is worms, they are penned birds and get a complete layer organic feed, plus they get greens everyday (spinach, watercress, or dandelion greens sometimes romain, i chop it up for them they also get as a treat cantalope rind. i used to buy them mealy worms and sometimes crickets from the local pet store as i thought bugs were good for them but i am now being told that is not the case. i have seen black beetle like bugs under there cement steps that i made for them where their water is kept so they dont kick dirt and there pine shavings in it. i thought they would or needed those bugs. do you think she has some type of worm she has been wormed with ivermectin and will be wormed friday with another wormer that my vet had to order cant remember the name but it is the one that is not approved by the fda and it looks like(according to the chicken lady) takes care of most all worms. the wyandotte seems to be healthy and has beautiful feathers, of course she is a much bigger chicken. The leghorn had problems last year with getting egg bound and the vet said she was calcium deficent so i gave her liquid calcium for a while and vit D this helped some. i finally found a supplement from Fertrell's and since i started adding that into there feed the small egg and stuck egg problem has ceased, but she does not lay any eggs at all. I dont care about that as long as she stayed healthy, then about 2 months ago she started loosing her feathers and i thought she was going into a second molt and didnt pay much attention to it, finally i knew that wasnt the case, she is now kept inside my home in a cage and fed this special formula as she can not swallow large or hard feed, her crop gets full but she is not putting on any weight and i do not want to loose her as she is my pet. How would my vet find gapeworms. They have looked down her throat and did a stool sample she has been back and forth to the vet about 6 times now. If the worm meds dont do it they want to scope her to see of ther are any lesions or soars on her throat or treachea area. thanks waiting for your reply Jacque, I am in the florida keys
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