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Help with Pendulous Crop

PontygalPontygal Junior Member
edited November 2008 in Producers and Vets
Hello all...
9 months ago, I bought my first ever 6 chickens, 2 Sussex Lights, 2 Marans and 1 Rhode Island Red and a Black Rock. They all started laying and we were getting 5/6 eggs a day - however, one day I went to open up the coup and one of the Sussex Lights was laying limply on the floor. Being a complete beginner I took her to the vet, they said her crop was full of food and tried to flush it out but she was struggling to breathe and they thought it best to put her down.

Two weeks later, I came home from work and the black rock was lying dead in the run. There was a large egg in the nest box with lots of blood on the outside and some drops of blood throughout the coup and run. I rang a local poultry farmer who after asking me questions about their flooring, food etc... seemed to think the two were unrelated and had just been some bad luck. Over the last few months everything was fine and my remaining 4 having been laying 4 eggs daily. However, about 3 wks ago, we started getting about 3 eggs a day, I stupidly thought this may be down to weather changing and egg laying starting to slow, but a few days ago noticed my copper maran losing some feathers round her neck, the other 3 were taking little pecks at her feathers, but not much bullying seemed to be going on. Her crop seemed full, but she is quite a greedy dominant girl. However, the last couple of days, the crop has become almost pendulous and she is moving her head / neck in weird sideways motions as if there is some discomfort. She isn't laying but she is running around and eating normally. I've been advised to put 15ml per 1ltr of cider vinegar in the water and massage her daily, which we've been doing, but nothing is changing. The expansion is quite large but my husband feels he is moving things around when massaging. Should I take her to the vets? I'm not sure how much experience they have with poultry as they didn't seem overly confident before, but don't want to ignore a problem and let her suffer.

I would appreciate any help / advice offered as I'm feeling pretty guilty about being so inexperienced with her.


  • crazychickcrazychick Senior Member
    edited November 2008
    Are you still there, Pontygal? I'd be happy to help you if you were. There's not a lot of "vet advice" on the vets and producers board. Best if you were to post your question on the Poultry Health and Welfard board. That's where most people go with their questions...

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