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Senior Hatchery Manager - Malawi

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The Central Poultry Group of Companies continues to grow and serve the local agricultural community with operations in livestock feed milling, as well as hatcheries and farming.
The Group offers a team oriented, supportive work environment providing employees opportunities for growth as well as long-term employment. In addition to a positive work environment, this position offers benefits and housing.
Reporting to the Director of Operations for the daily operation of farm activities, the position is a senior management position, committed to efficient and profitable production of broiler chicks and pullets to meet the available market requirements within the production system, respecting company standards and government regulations, following the highest level of bio-security standards that apply.
Responsibilities and Duties include:
• Responsible for 3 hatcheries, hatching both broiler chicks and pullets.
• Being self-motivated and being able to work independently in making decisions and taking actions.
• Responsible for planning, organizing, communicating, coordinating and executing activities in an efficient, effective, and cost effective manner.
• Maintains a high standard of hatchery management ensuring Company guidelines and production standards pertaining to "production" are followed.
• Prepare bird planning, hatching schedules considering factors such as orders, market forecasts and hatchery facilities and equipment.
• Arrange for sales of chicks to farmers as well as company farms.

Contact Information
Contact Person: Theresa van Tonder


  • Moses Amponsah AsamoahMoses Amponsah Asamoah Junior Member
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    Name: Moses Amponsah Asamoah Gender: Male
    Date & Place of Birth: 14/08/1958, Accra, Ghana Nationality: Ghanaian
    Postal Address: P.O.Box 6446, Adum, Kumasi, Ghana Marital Status: Married
    Telephone: 00233242386734 / 00233205711166 E Mail: mosesasamoah80@yahoo.fr

    I have 14 years’ experience in hatchery management, engaged in the installation of incubators and training of personnel on their operations in the production of day – old chicks and professional handling of vaccines.

    I have 8 years’ experience in the Aluminium smelting industry, having worked at the docks with keen knowledge in all stevedore practices,bulk offloading, and having interest in Safety and Hazard Control, and key brainstormer on reviewing Job Safe Practices whilst taking smart decisions to reduce demurrages and auditing practices so as to meet Certification targets. Possess an adequate knowledge of practices and procedures within the aluminium smelter and a keen understanding of the industrial health, safety and the environment.

    I am a versatile goal-oriented individual capable of contributing positively as a cooperative team member with leadership qualities. I am computer literate, self-motivated and able to take smart decisions and actions to meet production targets on time, bearing in mind equipment and personnel safety, waste reduction ,cost control and keeping accurate records.

    Working Experience

    2010-date: Nextekci Hatchery, Agnibilekrou, Ivory Coast- Designed and assisted in the installation of new hatchery; procuring equipments, recruiting and training the personnel. Supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in receiving and preparing eggs for incubation; incubating eggs, grading, preparing, and shipping chicks in poultry hatchery. Plans equipment and supply needs, production and work schedules. Assigns workers to duties, such as egg candling, sorting and traying, incubating, and grading chicks. Monitors thermometers, gauges, and chart recorders to detect equipment malfunctions and to verify compliance with incubator temperature and ventilation standards. Adjusts controls to maintain specified incubating conditions. Periodically inspects eggs in incubator trays to ascertain hatching progress, and orders removal of chicks. Observes packing of chicks to verify adherence to customer's orders and shipping instructions. Prepares production reports, and requisitions equipment, materials, and supplies.

    1997-2010: Foani Service Hatchery and Poultry Farms, Agnibilekrou, Ivory Coast
    Supervision of all operations such as egg reception, stock control, disinfection, and maintenance of incubators, stand by electricity generators, water and air cooling systems, cold store rooms, air compressors in the production of quality day-old chicks at least cost and optimum biosecurity. Preparation of reports on chick production, sales, and incubation parameters such as Temperature, Humidity, Ventilation, Turning and Controlling the stock and cold storage of vaccines.
    Controlling the status and quality of vaccines, and the logistics associated with the vaccination, syringes and the care of sterilizers, staff training on efficient and safe vaccination procedures and environmentally friendly waste disposal.
    Plans, organizes and supervises the biosecurity and management practices for profitable production of quality chicks under safe and hygienic conditions.

    1989-97: Volta Aluminium Company, VALCO, Tema
    Dock Supervisor (Stevedoring): Supervises manpower organization, the operation of cranes, winches, forklift trucks, bulk unloading of pitch, alumina, fluoride, bagged goods and the storage and shoring by carpenters of finished metals such as ingots, sows and billets. Efficient scheduling of tasks, logistics and adequate communication to all so as to avoid delays and overdue holding of vessels.
    Ensures preventive maintenance of equipments, regular filling of equipment check lists, reporting breakdowns and follow ups at the workshops.
    Preparation for receipt and storage of bulk materials such as alumina, pet coke and pitch, using efficient selection of conveyors and silos with respect to their capacities, and haulage to designated departments such as the

    1987-89: Min of Agric Extension Officer at Winneba, helping farmers make appropriate farm / land management practices for sustainable livelihood

    1985-86: La Boulangerie Francaise, Wembley, London
    Operating of Forklift trucks and packaging of frozen foods in large freezer warehouses under safe hygienic conditions. Items are accurately labeled for effective Inventory Control, storage and traceability. Proper identification, control and, elimination, of health and safety hazards to employees by regularly monitoring the team performance and work procedures .
    Supervision of 30-man workforce, shift scheduling, packaging of frozen foods in large cold store warehouses, keeping accurate stocks, scheduling transport and shipping of products.

    1985: Vroninks International, Belgium,
    Supervisor at Warehouse for storage of agricultural machinery implements and accessories, keeping records of all entries and supplies. Operation of Fork lift trucks and Cranes and the manufacture of agricultural machinery, tractor implements and accessories such as ploughs and trailers.

    Educational Background
    1997: Barneveld College, Holland (Modern Hatchery Management Certificate)
    1980-85: University of Science & Technology, Kumasi (B. Sc. Hons. Agriculture, majoring in Farm Machinery and Equipments)
    1980: Accra Workers’ College (General Certificate Exams Advanced Level Remedial course)
    1972-79: Okuapemman Secondary School, Akropong Akwapim (General Certificate Exams Ordinary and Advanced Level in Science: Physics, Chemistry and Biology)
    1976-79: Kalpohin Middle School, Tamale (Common Entrance Exams with Distinction)
    1963-69: Additrom Primary School, Accra

    Working Languages: French and English Possession of valid Ghanaian and Ivoirian vehicle driving licenses
    I am a fast on-the-job learner, and pledge to serve with devotion if granted the opportunity.
  • ashrafashraf Junior Member
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    Name : Ashraf .H.M. Elosta
    Nationality: Jordanian
    Born in : Amman – Jordan 15\6\1972
    marital status: married
    Religion : Islam
    Languages: English beside the Arabic language
    Computer skills: can do most of my work on computer
    Place of residence: Amman Jordan
    Tell + 96264130359 Mobile + 962796700695
    E mail ashraf_4jo@yahoo.com


    Degree: bachelor of Animal production Year1999 Jarash University Jordan

    Training courses

    1-Poultry Diseases seminar Amman Jordan March 2011
    2- Poultry Diseases, Nutrition and Feed Formulation Amman Jordan November 2005
    3- Feed Formulation and Ingredient purchasing Amman Jordan February 2002
    4-Course of (Dos)Universal center for communications, Amman Jordan
    5-Course of printing (Arabic &English) Universal center for communication, Amman Jordan
    6-Course primacy accountancy , Universal center for communication, Amman Jordan
    7- vent sexing speed and accuracy reach up 98%
    8-Different skills of growing chickens such as rearing of parents ,layer, broilers, vaccination ,debeaking Etc


    1. Company Name: Al-Mewari Agra company
    Company Profile: Al mawaris is one of the largest company for commercial egg production in Jordan it producing more than (55million)egg per year we have 3 production house each house contain 60,000 hen and one rearing house which have 65,000 chicks in a cage system full computerized which can controlled all the system throw the internet in any were in the world and we sold all our production throw the local market using our brand name
    Job Title: Deputy Director General and Technical Adviser
    Period : 1st July.2007 up to date
    Establishment of the company from site selection through the purchase of land and take the necessary government approvals, construction and purchase of equipment, installation and finish to take the licensing
    Supervise of rearing farm and stand on all administrative and technical work on the farm
    Supervision of farm production and stand on all the administrative and technical
    Plans annual production in the schedule
    Oversee the marketing of production
    Tender prices, the requirements of the project of spare parts and consumables in the project and production inputs of feed, medicines and vaccines and the end of sale offers chicken ended

    2. Company Name : (National Poultry Company)NPC
    Company Profile: Is a company specialized in the production and marketing of broiler chick
    Job Title: Hatchery Manager (Jamsway machines) Producing (6) million Period : 2005 up to 2006. Duties:
    1) Managing of setting programs for broiler farms belongs.
    2) Managing of selling the extra hatching eggs to the customers.
    3) Scheduling the hatchery process and man power.
    4) Making the daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly reports.
    5) Analyzing the results which we get during the year.
    6) Budgeting the materials (disinfectant, consumable items, spare parts ..Etc.).
    7) Managing the hatchery stuff (1) supervisors & (6) workers.
    8) Working as management representative for poultry in the company

    3 .Company Name :( Al-Osta vegetative Chicken) Amman, Jordan
    Company Profile: Family integrated project (Broiler Breeder Stock, Hatchery, Feed meal, Broiler Farms) producing around (150,000) broilers / cycle depending on vegetative feed for our chicken.
    Job Title: Hatchery Manager (Jamsway machines) producing (4)million DOC/year
    Period : 1st Jan., 1998 – 30th July, 2001
    Duties: 1) Building and the establishment of hatchery
    2) Purchase incubators and hatcheries Used and complete maintenance work and assembled them in the hatchery and change control systems of the semi- electronic to electronic
    3) Rearing Parent stock. 4) Managing the stuff. 5) Managing the quantity needs to sent to slaughterhouse. 6) Preparing the chickens in slaughterhouse as customers’ needs. 7) Arranging with the customers daily.

    4. Company Name: Jordan Poultry Breeding Company Amman, Jordan
    Company Profile: Project contains (Layer Breeders, Hatchery, Layer farm) producing (1.5) million layer DOC/ year, rearing pullets, and commercial layer chicken).
    Job Title: Hatchery Manager (chick master) Producing (4)million DOC/year
    Period: 1994 up to 1998. Duties:
    1) Managing of setting programs for layer farms belongs.
    2) Managing of selling the extra hatching eggs to the customers.
    3) Scheduling the hatchery process and man power.
    4) Making the daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly reports.
    5) Analyzing the results which we get during the year.
    6) Budgeting the materials (disinfectant, consumable items, spare parts… Etc.).
    7) Managing the hatchery stuff (1) supervisors & (6) workers.
    8) Working as management representative for poultry in the company.
  • Iam  Dr. More . N.S. working as a Manager-Faculty at Dr.B.V.Rao institute of poultry management & technology ,south asia's number one institute a division of Venkys India limited, pune . I have handled all types of birds i.e. Commercial broiler, Commercial layer, Broiler breeder & layer breeder .I have also worked in the laboratory . I have trained more than 8000 students from india & abroad. Iam having 17 years of experience.
    My qualification is - M.V.Sc. in veterinary pathology
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