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Fertile Eggs?!

MabelMabel Junior Member
edited September 2008 in Producers and Vets
I'm quite new to keeping chickens, and at the moment I have 8 warrens. Today I was given a copper black maran cockerel. I have never had any intention of getting a cockerel or breeding; and only really took him because he needed a home. But now I'm starting to worry that it may have been a bad idea? Will people be put off by eating fertile eggs?? If I take eggs home and keep them at room temperature, is there any chance of development happening?
I'm a vegetarian and only eat eggs from my chickens because I know they're happy and healthy (and unfertile!). But will I now be eating a chicken embryo? I'm just really paranoid now that someone will crack open an egg I sell them and find something nasty in there.

Can someone please explain and hopefully put my mind at ease by educating me on this!



  • ChrisKChrisK Senior Member
    edited September 2008
    The embro will only start to develop if you have a broody hen sat on the eggs. As long as you collect the eggs regularly throughout the day they will be fine - also they need to be kept at around 37 degrees to start developing so no problems there either. I have 2 cockerels and have no problem selling my eggs to the locals or eating them myself - enjoy!
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