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What Sex Is This Silkie?

mytwoboysmytwoboys Junior Member
edited August 2008 in Producers and Vets
Can anyone tell me what sex this silkie is? The other one i have is almost identical but doesn't have a comb on it's head, does this mean it is the opposite sex to the one on the right? Please help. Copy and paste the following link into your browser to see pics.

The chicken is approx 20 weeks old



  • Dave DeeDave Dee Junior Member
    edited August 2008
    I would guess he is a boy from the size of the comb, his swept back crest and roundish wattles. At 20 weeks he should be crowing or laying an egg soon, so all will become clear! It is difficult to sex a silkie from one feature alone, I have a golden silkie who I was sure was a boy due to his combed back crest, then 'he' started laying at 22 weeks.
  • DaviddDavidd Junior Member
    edited August 2008
    Hi, you have a pair of silkies hen on left cock on right, regards, David
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