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2 x Cuckoo Marans for sale Notts UK

son of Eddyson of Eddy Senior Member
edited July 2008 in Market Place
I have two cuckoo Maran hens available, good layers very easy going birds.
Age approximately two years.


  • son of Eddyson of Eddy Senior Member
    edited July 2008
    I have for sale a large collection of Blue/black cochins, which can be broken down into pairs, trios or single hens/cockerels. I have adult birds and also some young growers which are feathered and can be sexed.
    There is a fabulous Blue cock, purchased a few months ago from a specialist breeder, who shows at national and federation. He's very big and well proportioned and would be a real aset to any breeding programme.
    There is also a splash cockerel who is similar in size to the Blue. The a futher cockerel I have available is a mottled. He's a very steady and easy going lad with a nice temprement. I also have a frizzle cockerel, who looks worse for wear in terms of feathering, but is fertility is proven.

    Also for sale is a quartet of Lemon Pyle Brahma's, cockerel is a deep gold colour whereas the hens are lighter. These are a very rare colour of Brahma and its uncommon to see them come up for sale.




    Please pm me with an enquiries.
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