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Brahma's and Cochins For sale Notts UK

son of Eddyson of Eddy Senior Member
edited August 2008 in Market Place
I have for sale a large collection of Blue/black cochins, which can be broken down into pairs, trios or single hens/cockerels. I have adult birds and also some young growers which are feathered and can be sexed.
There is a fabulous Blue cock, purchased a few months ago from a specialist breeder, who shows at national and federation. He's very big and well proportioned and would be a real aset to any breeding programme.
There is also a splash cockerel who is similar in size to the Blue. The a futher cockerel I have available is a mottled. He's a very steady and easy going lad with a nice temprement. I also have a frizzle cockerel, who looks worse for wear in terms of feathering, but is fertility is proven.

Also for sale is a quartet of Lemon Pyle Brahma's, cockerel is a deep gold colour whereas the hens are lighter. These are a very rare colour of Brahma and its uncommon to see them come up for sale.




Please pm me with an enquiries.


  • l1zzyl1zzy Junior Member
    edited August 2008
    hi i am interested insome of these ,could you let me no the prices please. Thanks
  • son of Eddyson of Eddy Senior Member
    edited August 2008
    Hi Lizzy
    Thank you for your enquiry. I'm glad you're interested but sadly you didn't state quantity and breed and its impossible for me to tell you prices until I know.

    So if you could tell me
    A. Breed
    B. Quantity/sex
    then I can help you

    If its the Blue Cochins you are interested in and you were wanting the top quality cockerel with/without hens will you also please tell me this. As obviously such quality is a little more expensive than the other cockerels, who are very good but not quite in this league.
    many thanks Ann
  • l1zzyl1zzy Junior Member
    edited August 2008
    Hi Ann, i would love the big blue cock but think he may be out of my price range, so i would like to no the price for a trio of young blue cochins, also are the Brahmas l/f if so the price of them. Thanks Liz
  • son of Eddyson of Eddy Senior Member
    edited August 2008
    Also now available a trio of Partridge Cochin.



  • AngevinAngevin Junior Member
    edited August 2008
    I know this is a bit of a long while after the original posting, but are the Brahmas still available. Do you have any other Brahmas for sale too?
  • son of Eddyson of Eddy Senior Member
    edited August 2008
    Yes the Brahma growers are for sale as well as a quartet of Lemon Pyle Brahma's thats a cock & 3 hens. But I have had an enquiry into selling them all all to one person.
    cheers Ann
  • edited August 2008
    Please can you tell me what you have left for sale?
    Many thanks
  • son of Eddyson of Eddy Senior Member
    edited August 2008
    Trio Lemon Cuckoo Cochins
    Trio Partridge Cochins
    Blue Cochins, hens, Cocks, pairs or trios.
    Blue Cochin growers
    Buff Brahma growers
    Lemon Pyle Brahma's now reserved.
  • son of Eddyson of Eddy Senior Member
    edited August 2008
    Just to update this thread, Lemon Cuckoo Cochins now gone.
    Lemon Pyle Brahma's spoken for, reserved until Monday. Trio Patridge Cochins stil avialable.
    Blue Cochins still available,pairs,trio's or single birds. Lots of Blue Cochin growers available including some frizzles and Cuckoo's. Also Buff Brahma growers.
  • edited August 2008
    Just to let you know that the Cochins and Brahmas are really happy and have settled in well. The Brahmas have a new friend, a silver laced Wyandotte grower I have!
    Have you any Cochin growers left?
    What sex is the blue frizzle Cochin grower?
    I see you are travelling to Worcestershire on Tuesday.
    Maybe I could meet you somewhere then.
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