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sexing chicks

john.cjohn.c Junior Member
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hi from a new member
could anyone please tell me how to sex my week old chicks i have just incubated
thanks john.c


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    There's no easy way I'm afraid, unless they have sex-linkage are autosexing (eg cross certain breeds and you get different colouring of cockerels to hens). Some professionals can sex chicks by looking at feather development and the vent but this is difficult for the novice. If you breed certain strains, you can start to get a feel for what is what early on but it isn't 100%. Wait for 10-12 weeks until some crow to be 100% sure, You will usually see wattles and comb develop more on the cocks.

    This is usually reflected in the price of hens - ie hybrids that are sold at £10-£15 each are autosexing and the supplier can cull at day old. Pure breeds are double the price as they usually are feeding cockerels too until they can tell what is what.

    I hope this helps... Tim.
  • allan14allan14 Junior Member
    edited December 2008
    Hi john,

    I'm a filipino chick sexer expert. If you dont have any idea about vent chick sexing, dont try it with your newly hatched chicks. It may result into a great number of mortalities. May i know where is your location so i can refer you a chick sexer who is near with in your area.


    Allan Padilla
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