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newbie needed advice in setting up farm

NormanNorman Junior Member
edited October 2008 in Producers and Vets

Recently I had thought of running a poultry farm as my main source of income, I had a piece of land measuring 0.4 acre fenced.

I am absolute nil experience in rearing chicken, which type of farming would be the best for me? pasture or yarding? I am living in Southeast Asia of Borneo hence the climate is tropical climate, hot and humid.

although profit is the main concern, but I do wanted to give the chickens a reasonable amount of welfare, 100% free range would be impossible in my operation due to limited space.

any advice will be very much appreciated. Thanks!



  • cimaocimao Junior Member
    edited October 2008

    I just wanted to know how or if you have set up your farm? any advice you could give me
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