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Ant eggs as food?!

PugziPugzi Junior Member
edited July 2008 in "Off Your Chest"
I allow my 3 girls out every day for a hour or two (only had my girls for 2 weeks, so I'm a bit green). They follow me about as usual, but recently I found some ants nest in the lawn area. I stuck a fork in to see the eggs and the girls went nuts! My goodness they tucked in!. Now I go around actively looking for the nests to help the girls out. Anyhoo, if you some old guttering, or a plant or two, lay them out upturn onto the lawn and 24 hours later the ants will have pushed all the eggs under the plank or guttering and you'll have a nice treat for the ladies. I just hope ants eggs are alright, must be really, full of protien and the like. Anyone know anymore?

The girls, Betty, Olivia, Mary
Attached is my new house I built for them with wood from skips (took 3 days to build in the evenings and 2 months to get the wood. The lady is the mother in law)


  • jiggseobjiggseob Junior Member
    edited July 2008
    Generally, chickens will forage through whatever they can find, and they will only eat what they can eat. What they "choose" to eat may not be optimal for weight gain for broilers, or egg production for layers, but eating bugs or seeds or weeds will not hurt your chickens.

    The caveat there is that the bugs, seeds and weeds must be otherwise un-tampered-with. If someone has sprayed pesticide on the bugs, (rodent) poison on the seeds, or herbicide on the weeds, that will probably make your chickens sick or dead.

    Poultry have always been the clean-up crew around the farmyard. They will clean up almost anything, spilled grain, weeds, thistles, horse droppings, excess fruit on the ground in the orchard, whatever.

    All the best,
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