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can"t stand

mickb69mickb69 Junior Member
edited August 2008 in "Off Your Chest"
one of my hens somehow lost the power to stand therefor i had to remove her from the flock now another is showing the same signs


  • SisterChickenSisterChicken Junior Member
    edited July 2008
    How old are the hens?

    A couple of diseses pop into mind, with rickets possibly at the top of the list.

    A great book that I would recommend is The Chicken Health Handbook by Gail Damerow. While it has a lot of crazy diseases that you'll most likely never encounter in life, it's a great diagnostic guide that has more info than I ever hoped to set eyes on.
  • anderjennanderjenn Junior Member
    edited August 2008
    Sandy of "happyhenhouse.proboards43.com" offered the following information to help someone else deal with Rickets in one of the other posts. I have edited her info and the discussion that followed for my records. Here is what I have on this. I am trying it with one of my hens now, but the other lady reported great results.


    Symptoms: Can’t get up. Seem lethargic. Lame. Some young birds drop like flies.. no outward sign just go lame or unable to stand up as they used to.

    Cause: The problem is the bird is lacking in protein due to sickness.. they leach all their own proteins from their system. By adding a dessertspoon of cat food this helps replace this loss and help in the healing process.

    This just happens sometimes. It has a lot to do with the parent stock used for the chicks, sometimes they don't feed them a high good quality feed before collecting the eggs, and this then gives you inferior chicks. Also some of the chick feeds are older than they tell you they are so the nutritional quality can be down to what its supposed to be.

    Solution: Feed your birds this diet for the next 3 weeks, in the mornings. Once its gone, give them their normal feed 24/7 and plenty of fresh clean water. Always keep this formula handy!

    Modified Rickets diet for energy

    Feeds one bird.

    1 cooked egg yolk, crumbled (for vitamin D)

    1 t honey (given for energy)

    2 T live plain yoghurt (given for calcium and also to make the intestine go back into normal production) Jenn's note: I switched this to finely ground egg shell after a few days.)

    2 to 4 tablespoons rolled oats or 2 to 4 tablespoons of Baby Rice (to give substance to the feed, and they are easily digested by the bird also putting less stress on its system)

    1 t beef cat food (adds extra protein) (Jenn's note: I am acutally just using the whole egg as egg whites are the perfect protein. However, the cat food was in Sandy's original recipe and may have other things in it that are needed by the chicken for all I know.)

    A few grains of multi vitamin (not too much of this as you don't want to poison the bird, and only use if you are not otherwise giving vitamins)

    2 T grated apple

    Mix to make a crumble mixture (not runny). If they won’t eat, it can be rolled into pellets and force feed (gently massage the neck in a downward motion to get it down into the crop). Always have fresh clean water available at all time for the bird and good quality food

    Footnote: If the bird is not drinking by itself give drops of water onto the beak or use a crop tube to get fluids down the throat, don’t try and pour any fluid down a chickens throat, it will more than likely go into the air passage and into the lungs and end up drowning the bird.

    Hope this helps! -Jenn
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