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simonplumbsimonplumb Junior Member
edited July 2008 in "Off Your Chest"
Hello, im fairly new to keeping choocks but really new to forums. We live in a suburban area and have had the girls for a month. I built a 2 metre by 3 metre run to go with the house which we bought. Two hilines were bought from a local dealer. The girls now have full range of the garden supplementing their diet. We have a mad lab dog who has been introduced and was put in his place by the dominant hen and now is frightened of choocks. They give us 14 eggs a week, and so much more. The whole family will spend hours watching their comical antics.


  • Anna TAnna T Member
    edited June 2008
    I'm new here too, but I'm not new to forums. I'm glad we're not the only ones with a pet scared of the chickens! Our cat is frightened of ours, although she would really like to stand her ground. Every time she thinks about trying, she loses her nerve and runs away!
  • simonplumbsimonplumb Junior Member
    edited June 2008
    our dog knows his place and gives the chicks a wide birth. Although he waits for any leftovers from the choocks food.
  • may crosslandmay crossland Junior Member
    edited July 2008
    i have 17 girls plus two rabbits and adog it looks great in my garden when they are all out together love may
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