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Red Discharge in Droppings

RonnieRonnie Junior Member
Good morning to you all, I am a new member to this forum and I would be grateful of some urgent advice.

Yesterday in the morning I noticed there were bright red droppings (almost the consistency of alien slime, the children’s toy muck stuff you get in a tub) and one sleepy chicken in my pen, which holds 6, 18-20 week female Black Rocks, that I have had for 6 weeks now. None are laying yet.

8 hours later the chicken was unable to get up or walk around. There was no apparent damage to the chicken on the outside. The crop was large but mushy, no discharge from the clear eyes or mouth and no respiratory problems. Its legs were not quite as warm as usual. There was no discharge on or around the vent and there was no apparent blockage to the egg passage by an egg.

I quarantined the chicken away immediately, but found it dead this morning.

My chickens are fed on layers pellets made into mash (fussy birds) and are given very a small amount of corn each day. Occasional pulled fresh grass is given to them daily. They are confined to an 8-10 square meter pen at present but will free range when my electric netting is repaired.

On checking the pen I found some mouldy feed under the water carrier support and it may be the case that the chicken ate some of this. Obviously I have removed the mouldy feed, cleaned the pen of droppings etc.

This morning I have noticed another dropping in the pen containing a small amount of red.

My last set of 6 healthy chickens, which I had for 12 months were all taken by foxes one night in May 2006.

Any advice or suggestions would be gratefully received.


  • SandySandy Senior Member
    edited September 2006
    You need to treat ALL OF YOUR BIRDs for Coccidiosis.. if one has they will all have it

    Medications for treating Coccidiosis .. these are only a few that are available.. ask at your local feed store they should keep medication there

    Sulfaquinn... this is what I use here in Australia
    ESB 3
    Renosal Tabs

    Sounds like the birds have had it for a while so the quicker you can get this medication the better... it works fast once administered..

    Follow the directions to the letter on giving it ..

    If you find that the birds have also some sort of respiratory infection.. this is due to the Coccidiosis.. it sometimes causes a respiratory illness

    Pick up some Tylan soluable to go into their drinking water .. and give along with the Coccidiosis medication

    If they stop drinking the medicated water.. put some Cranberry juice into it to color it and change the taste .. chickens love the color red

    Good luck
  • RonnieRonnie Junior Member
    edited September 2006

    Thanks for your speedy reply, unfortunately the medication cannot be applied to the birds as quickly, because in the UK I cannot purchase the medication without having it prescribed by a vet. However, I eventually found a vet via a smallholder friend of mine who deals with livestock (there loads of vets dealing in small domestic animals but very few for livestock). I can see him tonight for a consultation and get the medication. I will let you know how the birds get on.

    We are so policed by "Big Brother" in the UK, which I can understand to a point, but it sure makes a bad situation worse.


  • SandySandy Senior Member
    edited September 2006
    Hi Ronnie

    I know what you mean... we have a lot of people from the UK who have exactly the same problems as your having trying to get medications for their birds

    Sure hope all goes well for you and your flock... really appreciate you letting me know... good luck
  • RonnieRonnie Junior Member
    edited September 2006

    The chickens were treated with tetramycin antibiotics, powder in their water for 6 days and and one 50mg tablets each for 3 days (great fun trying to give chickens tablets, especially on your own).

    They all seem much happier.

    However, I still see some small blobs of red discharge in the droppings, which is less than before, and it is easy to see who was the producer by way of an "off colour" bird. Three of the birds have had this and seem to be poorly for around 24-36 hours, with a full recovery so far. This makes me think the cause has not been eliminated and further is action required.

    Any suggestions. I'm searching coccidosis in various forums but the information so far does not seem to be that helpful. A read that some people have used a medication with amprolium hydrochloride, which is diluted and added to their only source of drinking water to tackle the problem.

    Would you know how I should introduce new birds into a flock that has had coccidosis.

    I hope this thread helps others with the same problem. I have registered on your site at http://happyhenhouse.proboards43.com/, which contains some helpful information.


  • SandySandy Senior Member
    edited September 2006
    Hi Ronnie

    You would expect a vet to know wouldn't you

    Terramycin (same thing spelt differently)... only treats [FONT=&quot]
    Control of infectious synovitis caused by Mycoplasma synoviae; control of fowl cholera caused by Pasteurella multocida susceptible to oxytetracycline

    Its an antibotic... and that DOESN'T treat Coccidiosis

    thats why the birds are not getting well

    Can you go and look in anothe thread on here.. and copy the information .. I have just put it all for another member with the same sort of problems your having

    Then take it to the vet .. ask him/her to have a read please

    Your birds need both medication for Coccidiosis and Respiratory infection now.. the cocci has probably cause the respiratory infection due to length of time they have had it

    This the thread name > Respiratory Infections in Hens
    This is the link if you can't find it just click on this ok
  • SandySandy Senior Member
    edited September 2006
    Ronnie... re meds in the UK... have found some information and help if you want it for future use

    One of my members Momababs.... found these sites that you can get red mite spray and other things

    Message from Mamababs>
    I did a bit of research here to see if you have Wynnstay Agri Store near you. I'm new to the UK so not sure just how far some places are but here is a link....


    Also, Trilanco makes animal products of all sorts and also sells medicinal supplies. They are UK based. I would recommend the Red Mite Concentrate from Barrier. Here's a link to them, just scroll down to Avian Products page at Trilanco... http://www.trilanco.com/products.htm

    Hope this is helpful. Also, I may be able to help you get antibiotics ie Tylan.


    (If you would like to contact Lori about this please let me know)
  • RonnieRonnie Junior Member
    edited October 2006

    Thanks for your advice, I have not lost any more birds, they are now clear of coccidosis and laying nicely.

    I think it's going to be an ongoing battle to keep the coccidosis away in the future, but I am aware of the symptoms now, and I can try to break the cycle by moving them regularly, clearing and keeping the area near their food dry.

    Knowing how to get hold of the right medication helps. Their food intake has gone up three fold too.


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