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hock/feet burns

katkat Junior Member
edited June 2008 in Producers and Vets
need help with hock burn? i have new chicks and ducks. they were housed together and the chickens started showing sores on thier feet. what can i do for them? salve, antibiotic? I have seperated them when i found this. they are about 5 weeks old. new to raising chicks and ducks..and 1 turkey.


  • GreenchookGreenchook Junior Member
    edited June 2008
    What is your litter like? Needs to be dry-is there a floor on the house? Put stockhom tar on them
  • MuddlesMuddles Junior Member
    edited June 2008
    that's a typical sign of a dirty house, the bedding needs to be spotless and cleaned out regularly or the acid in the chicken droppings will burn their feet and hocks.

    Get shovelling!
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