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Guinea talk

opalgraceopalgrace Junior Member
edited June 2008 in "Off Your Chest"
Hi. I'm new here. I have had guineas since 1999. I added some chickens in 2003. I have 4 hens. Aussie is the last original one. She is a black giant (at first I thought she was an Ausstralorp, hence the name). The other three are mixed, all brown egg layers. All 4 of my girls raised guineas for me last yr. I have 6 of those. 3 hens and 3 males. Last summer I sold all my adult guineas, so the ones I have are all yearlings. I find that these guys tend to roam less and hang out more with their surrogate mothers. What is unsual for guineas is that they have started laying in the nest boxes in side the shed, rather than in our bamboo the thickest briar patch they can find, where it is nearly impossible to sit a nest box over the eggs. I've lost count, but I have at least 36 eggs. Now 3 of my chickens have decided to go broody. The first batch should hatch in about 2 weeks. I also found a nest a couple days ago in the meadow. Yesterday when I checked to see how many eggs were on it, to my suprise, I found a small tan egg with brown speckles. I at first thought it might be a killdeer egg, but it doesn't really look quite right. Now I think it could be a bobwhite quail, although I haven't seen any quail here in yrs. Any ideas? I think it will remove some of the guinea eggs, hopefully encouraging the mystery bird to keep laying.
Thanks for any info.


  • randyNCrandyNC Senior Member
    edited June 2008
    Hi. Did you ever hatch that egg? Was it a guinea? It's so exciting watching new life begin.. One question - Why did you sell your adult guineas? They are such great bug eatters.
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