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Duck Voodoo

Kate MerrimanKate Merriman Junior Member
edited May 2008 in "Off Your Chest"
Hi, have had a pretty terrible day. Hatched 3 gorgeous Campbell ducklings 2 weeks ago and today 2 were killed by magpies in my garden. Pretty heart broken but not as much as the survivor who spent hours calling for them and wouldn't be separated from me. Decided that I needed to get some urgent replacements for the mental health of the survivor and headed off to a local breeder. Decided to take advantage of a expert to ask about vent sexing to be told that they didn't vent sex following a bad experience years ago when being taught by someone who damaged the ducklings and made them bleed. They use a method of swinging a magnet on the end of a piece of string above the vent and the way it swings predicts gender with 90% success rate according to them. Sounded a bit like voodoo (well scrying or dowsing) to me but wondered if anyone else had any experience in it. The new ducklings have certainly done their job calming down my lovely duckling and will have to wait to see what the dowsing brings.

Love to hear from someone on this,

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