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Help!! chicken's are dying

sab718sab718 Junior Member
edited May 2008 in Producers and Vets
we purchased about 25 chicks from murry mc murray about a year ago after about 4-5 months we started losing them and they way the died was not pleasant. they act fine and then you find one laying down and you can tell they are having a hard time breathing they take very deep breaths and then they die shortly after but when they die their back end is almost like it explodes it tears open and is a bloody mess at first i thought a varment or something had gotten in the coop but there are no signs of that and it's impossible for anything to get in. anyway, we lost about 15 last year and then it stopped during the summer. no that its spring and they are supposed to be laying we have lost about 4 more. We have other chickens that we purchased about 2 months before the others and they seem to be fine. we have lost alot of time and feed and effort and would like to get to the bottom of this can anyone help. Thanks :(


  • layinghenlayinghen Member
    edited April 2008
    Oh that sounds horrible! Maybe you should consider culling the rest of that group? I know it sounds awful but if it is some kind of disease they got before they came to you then they could pass it on to the new chickens you bought. I suggest you go into your local vet first though and tell him what has been happening just in case you can save the rest of them.
    Hope I helped some bit!
  • greenboygreenboy Junior Member
    edited May 2008
    Shots of Vitamin B12 and lemon and honey in the water, may give them strength to fight whatever, I mix lemon, honey milk and bread and I give that to them or I push that down their throat... Godspeed.
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