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Help!! chicken's are dying

sab718sab718 Junior Member
edited April 2008 in Producers and Vets
We purchased a box of chickens from Murry Mc Murray about a year ago. once they got to be about 4 months old we started losing them they would die one a time but the way they die is odd they lay down and struggle to breath then they have a very bloody rump then eventually the back end blows out and they die we had probably 15 die last year. The remaining 12 or so survived the winter and now that it is spring and they are starting to lay eggs the same thing is happening again we have lost 5 chickens in the last 2 weeks. we have some other chickens that we had purchased somewhere else and they are just fine. i have contacted about 3 different vets and none of them have heard of this problem. also the coop has no signs of any varments or pests getting in. I contacted Murray Mcmurray and they said they had no one there that could answer us or tell us what could be wrong. We are slowly losing our flock. and alot of time and money spent on them. :( if any knows please let us know!! :(


  • StickmanStickman Senior Member
    edited April 2008
    Hi Sab

    I can't help much as I have no experience in treating this, but it sounds like coccidiosis (cocci for short) to me.

    If you post in the 'poultry health and welfare' section of this site there will be many people out there with a better idea.

    I would take one to a vets to get a stool sample analysed to make sure......

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