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cutting off combs

layinghenlayinghen Member
edited February 2009 in "Off Your Chest"
I think it is very cruel! what do you think?


  • derekderek Senior Member
    edited April 2008
    i think its very cruel too
    if you look at the health and wellfair section i think ive upset the yankees over this . oh well hey ho:eek:
  • layinghenlayinghen Member
    edited April 2008
    Ya I'll take a look I don't know how someone could do it to them!
  • sharon mcsharon mc Senior Member
    edited May 2008
    I don't know WHY they would want to although I haven't looked into it. Barbarism, I think.
  • randyNCrandyNC Senior Member
    edited May 2008
    I would Never do such a barbaric thing to the poor little chickens and I don't know what the purpose could actually serve. And to turn around and feed them back to them blows my mind. I'm sure with the bleeding and pain it must have an ill effect on recovery and getting back to it old self.

    Although some of us have such a strong feeling against this other feel quite the opposite but if frostbite is the main reason it might be wise to find a way of keeping the birds warmer on those cold nights. Insulate better..
  • sharon mcsharon mc Senior Member
    edited June 2008
    I know our hens have crushed, baked egg-shells fed back to them but feeding the combs is too canabalistic, I think. Ugh!
  • Yalci1Yalci1 Junior Member
    edited September 2008
    That sounds awful! Isn't it illegal? It sounds so cruel.
  • silkytsilkyt Member
    edited October 2008
    I cant believe what I have just read through all of your posts..
    How cruel and what is the point and what do they have to gain from it..that would be like cutting your ears off just for the sake of it...

    Im so angry that people do this to them and to feed it back to them is just wrong as you shouldnt do that and I have alsways been told that you cant feed them any meat under any circumstances... as it can send them mad !!!

    As you can tell from my rant Im really upset that this happens :mad:
  • abigailbabigailb Junior Member
    edited October 2008
    This is how scrapie in sheep and bse in cattle started, and who knows the long-term effects of these awful diseases, apart from CJD that is!
  • yabyab Junior Member
    edited January 2009
    my rooster(and roosters in this area) are very prone to getting frost bite on their combs, but each spring the combs naturally regrow and push the black parts off the comb, and they fall off... there's no reason to be chopping off the combs prior.. this is just another example of the common belief that "chickens brains are too small for them to have any feelings"
  • derekderek Senior Member
    edited January 2009
    here here ;)
  • LauraMHLauraMH Junior Member
    edited February 2009
    How could anyone be soo sick as to do that!
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