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first five egg day

hen houserhen houser Junior Member
edited June 2008 in "Off Your Chest"
hi everyone just had to tell someone lol
this morning woke up and went to talk to my girls to find out that of my 8
gorgeous black rocks five of my darlings had left me eggs
up till now only had 2 a day so my first 5 egg day celebrated with just laid fried egg and was a double yolker so tried another yep another double
so proud of my darlings (sad arnt i lol):) :D


  • randyNCrandyNC Senior Member
    edited May 2008
    I love going to gather eggs. Happy hens make you happy too.:D
  • hen houserhen houser Junior Member
    edited May 2008
    lol i know favorite part of the day give them there breakfast and an hour later have the chorus saying ok we have done our part now let us out of the run
  • sharon mcsharon mc Senior Member
    edited June 2008
    Did you know that hens lay their eggs an hour later every day? Fascinating, really. Also, eggs should be left for a day or two before use.We sold some recently to be used for pickled eggs. The buyer boiled them straight away (they were laid that day) and he had difficulties peeling the shells away from the whites. Of the ones he didn't use, he retried them after a couple of days and they were absolutely fine. Not quite sure about the science behind this but I believe it to be true.
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