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Help, i have a chicken who peaks the other chickens

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I have four chickens as pets, i have had them for 10 months.
But i have noticed that one of the chickens keeps peakinng
the other three chickens and then eats there feathers.

This happens through the day while the three chickens are relaxing.

Why is this chicken doing this for ??


  • randyNCrandyNC Senior Member
    edited March 2008
    What kind of a diet do they have? They should be eatting laying crumbs, scratch, seeds mine love plain yogurt it is good for their digestion,any leftovers, greens/grass ect. They must have oyster shells and grit. Are they in a small area as they could pick at each other if they don't have much room. Do they go outside to free range.? Of course fresh water every day. Make sure they are getting enough to eat or they will pick at each other and without a rooster one will be the boss over the others.
  • CUDACUDA Senior Member
    edited March 2008
    It is one of either 3 things, either a diet issue, they are bored, or they need more room to stay away from each other. Boredom, and penned up too close go hand in hand, try to give them as much room as possible, and give them stuff to do. Put obsticles for them to jump on, and straw on the ground for them to scratch for their food helps too. Diet problems can usually be solved by raising the protein content of your feed, and adding black oil sunflower seeds. Make sure they have access to greens too, as this can also make a difference. If they don't have greens, you can supplement with alfalfa pellets. Good luck!
  • ultimatewarrior8888ultimatewarrior8888 Junior Member
    edited June 2008
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  • minermikeminermike Junior Member
    edited March 2009
    Feather eating, Lack of protein,can be cured by a small hand full of dry cat food once a day. Boredom, You can use old "CD'S" hung by string, about beak high. or plastic drink bottles on the ground. Hollow plastic balls are a fun toy for birds. No larger than three inches ! Cement blocks on end, with board walks, and ramps at each end. 5 gallon buckets are good hiding places for hens, and will make a decent nest too ! Jingle bells on string will keep them busy for hours ! My birds would follow me around to see what "New Toy" I had for them ! I drove Tyson Foods, Crazy with all of my tricks in My breeder houses!!!! They hated things that worked, That were not their ideas !
    Hope some of my "Crazy Toys" can help you with your problem. Miner Mike
  • treewalkertreewalker Member
    edited April 2009
    like cuda said 3 things ,if her bottom is bare try putting some blue kote on it they usualy wont peck, hang a head of cabbage in there,that will keep them busy.give lots of greensand try some oats as treet in the evening. 4 chickens about 1 cup
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