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pecked chickens

ecorealm@msn.comecorealm@msn.com Junior Member
edited August 2006 in Poultry Health and Welfare
I bought year old chickens raised in close confines with roosters. Months later, they still have not grown back their feathers because they peck at eachother so much, even though they have a big yard and no rooster now. One chicken doesn't even have any tail. I tried putting vaseline on their bare skin but it seems they peck that off too. Any advice?
Sandy in Indiana, USA


  • SandySandy Senior Member
    edited August 2006
    They need more protein in their diet... they are deficient

    Also add some multi vitamins to their diet

    If your feeding a good balanced layer pellet and also giving lots of greens then the amount of protein and vitamins and minerals will be less .. if your also feeding table scraps then once again the amount of protein and V & M are even lenned again

    The amount of protein you get in layer pellets is usually 14 %.. this is just the bare minimum... laying hens really need at least 16 to 18% to lay well

    And if you supplementing their feed with other things they are probably only getting something like 7% protein.. so you need to add extra protein into their diet each day

    I go to our Abbatoir.. and get a product called meat meal.. they have it for animal consumption... I add about 4 tablespoons to the feed in the mornings and make it into a wet mash.. not runny .. just wet.. I use hot water and layer pellets and the meat meal... really good protein supplement and doesnt' cost the earth...

    The vitmains and minerals.. easy to get.. just look for water soluable V and M .. for either pigeons.. dogs or cats.. they don't make them for chickens

    Read the directions carefully ... a little goes a long way

    Also your birds are bored.. you need to put in something for them to scrath around in to play in

    Vasaline isn't a good idea to put on to them.. its shines and the birds will peck at it

    Get some blue cote.. may be called something else where you are.. they use it for horses.. your feed store will stock it .... they put it on horses to dry wounds and keep blow flies off them.. it colors the skin blue.. very important you wear gloves when you put this on and do it down wind.. it takes for ever to wear off

    You need to paint all their unfeathered picked areas with this blue cote... once they can't see pink skin they usually stop or it reduces the pecking and pulling and if you increase their protein..and V & M.. and throw in some Alfalfa in a bale or something for them to play with they should forget about pecking at each other and start pecking at the ground and keeping busy with other things

    Let me know how it goes ok
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