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Sick and smelly

artemesiaartemesia Junior Member
edited August 2006 in Poultry Health and Welfare
My pet 1 year-old Isa Brown is sick and I would welcome any suggestions. For the past 24-36 hours she was noticeably farting heaps and really foul. Last night, sitting on my lap, she let go a huge wet shell-less egg. Her droppings overnight and today are runny and yellowish. She is listless, but eating and drinking a bit. Her crop seems to be very full of a really foul smelling liquid, which she occasionally spits up- it smells like super strong horse-shit or diarrhea. She is normally active, happy healthy, a spoilt pet and daily layer, though she did have a prolapse episode about 6-8 weeks ago. Can anyone help with diagnosis or treatment, as she is a much loved and hilarious member of our menagerie/family.


  • artemesiaartemesia Junior Member
    edited August 2006
    Sorry, I also forgot to mention, her vent area is hot,red and inflamed looking, going down towards her legs.
  • SandySandy Senior Member
    edited August 2006
    I think your little bird has more than one thing wrong with her

    One ... I think she has picked up a Crop infection... and now has turned to Sour crop

    Two.. I think she has something wrong with her laying organs.. probably a tumor or something

    Three... I think she is still suffering from the soft shelled egg episode and is still pushing trying to lay her eggs and its has causes a huge infection

    Four ... she probably has LYMPHOID LEUKOSIS
    Big liver disease, LL, lymphatic leukosis, visceral lymphoma (one disease in the leukosis/sarcoma group)

    What are you prepared to do to help her and how much are you prepared to pay for medication
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