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Cream Legbar male chicks FTGH

RubyMurrayRubyMurray Member
edited March 2008 in Market Place
Hi there,

I'm posting on behalf of my friend.

At the moment she has 12 Cream Legbar eggs in her incubator. She's not planning on keeping any cockerels so if anyone would like a Cream Legbar male chick in the next few weeks please get in touch.

They will be FTGH and she's in Nottingham.

Thanks for looking, Dyan


  • liqouriceliqourice Junior Member
    edited February 2008
    hi there i dont know if you have managed to find homes for them but i would be interested, thanks m:) ichelle
  • RubyMurrayRubyMurray Member
    edited March 2008
    An update for you......

    My friend rang me earlier to say that 9 have hatched so far, looks like just 1 male at the mo but most of them haven't dried out properly yet so there may be more. Will update again in a couple of days.

    Thanks for loking, Dyan
  • RubyMurrayRubyMurray Member
    edited March 2008
    An update for you...

    My friend said there is deffinately 2 male and another 2 that are possibly male.

    Hatched out on Friday 29th Feb.

    She's keeping them for a couple of weeks then they will be ready to go, so if you are interested please get in touch.

    Thanks, Dyan
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