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help with oxytetracycline please

maureenmaureen Junior Member
edited August 2006 in Poultry Health and Welfare
Could anyone help with the dosage of oxytetracycline. I have a poorly chicken. She is not eatng much and stands hunched up. There are no obvious signs of what it is. I got oxytetracycline from an American site. I am in England. I received just a blister pack with four tablets 250mg. I got no instructions with them. I did contact them but they didn't answer. One tablet looks a bit big for one chicken. I don't want to overdo it. Can anyone tell me how much water i should put with a tablet? Thankyou.Maureen


  • SandySandy Senior Member
    edited August 2006
    Hi Maureen

    You don' t put it into water.. you actually crush it and put it into small balls .. about the same size as layer pellets.. and use honey to bind the ball with rolled oats... only make up 3 or 4 of these and if the hen is eating she will peck at them herself.. especially if you put a little bit of cat food smell on to the pellet

    If she isn't eating you will need to force feed them to her

    Its easy..

    Make up the pellets
    Hold her on your lab.. lift her head up so the neck is straight.. open the beak with the hand your holding the head with... and use the other hand to pop the first of the pellets into the mouth.. pushing to the back of the throat.. then gently run your fingers down the neck to help her to swollow it

    Let her rest for a minute.. then do the others the same

    then give her something to drink.. if she want it...

    Dosage is

    50 to 100 mg once a day for 3 to 5 days.. depending on what your treating

    So your 250 mg tablet.. should be divided into 5 once you have crushed it .. or into 3 to give you 3 doses of 84 mg

    Feel your hens crop.. tell me what it feels like.. if it hard then she may have impaction of the crop

    If its soft and squishy.. then she may have sour crop

    Also what did her droppings look like.. color I need to know please
  • maureenmaureen Junior Member
    edited August 2006
    Hello Sandy

    This forum is changed. I can't get use to it yet. I had to log in to reply and my password wasn't excepted. What a lot of hassle.
    The droppings are runny yellow with wormy looking green in them. The crop is soft but her breath dosen't smell.
    She is moulting abit but they don't normally act this sad. I 'll try the oxytetracycline. Thankyou. Maureen
  • crazychickcrazychick Senior Member
    edited August 2006
    Hi maureen,

    Get her going on the oxytetracycline but you may want to deworm her as well if she has yellow runny droppings. Flubenvet (?), I think, is the name of a commonly used dewormer in the UK but it's available thru a vet. Hopefully your little hen perks up soon...

  • maureenmaureen Junior Member
    edited August 2006
    Hello Laura
    I have just finished worming them all. I do use Flubenvet. I got that through the post.The oxytetracycline tablet was a capsule. I pulled it apart and it was already crushed. I didn't get on very well with it in food. I tried to open her mouth but she kept moving and didn't like it. I can't do it. I put some in water for her. Hope this still works.
    She dosen't seem to like her back touched. She never has and she is lifting her legs when she walks. This is just how my ****erel were who suppose to have had Mareks but i think it was LL. I hope she lives. She is another one of my youngest and got a real personality. Thankyou. Maureen.
    PS I had to log in again when i replied. Is this always going to happen on this new Forum?
  • SandySandy Senior Member
    edited August 2006
    Maureen you should be able to click .. stay logged in...

    When you go back to the Poultry Health and Welfare.. ... do you click the PoultrySite Discussion Forum... or the Poultry Health and Welfare

    This is just below the Show Menu.... About... Poultry news etc

    Just click .. > Poultry Health and Welfare.. to take you back to the forum or you end up at the start all the time

    You also know.. that to read the replies you don't have to click on them.. you just open the thread and move down the page they are all there.. and when you want to reply.. you just click .. Post reply at the bottom

    And when you reply... you click on ... Submit Reply...

    don't click on Preview post .. it get confusing when you click this one
  • maureenmaureen Junior Member
    edited August 2006
    Hello Sandy
    I just read your mail then pressed post reply and it went to log in again.
    I don't know whether this means anythink to anybody but my poorly chucks eyes keep changing. The pupils get small then large again. I got some cat food today and put oxytetracycline in and she had that. She won't eat anythink else. She picks at food and puts it down. She is very fussy what she eats. I suppose i have got a difficult problem again. Well she is still here at the moment. She is definatley moulting now aswell. Thankyou for any help. Maureen
  • SandySandy Senior Member
    edited August 2006
    Maybe you should contact the Poulty Site and ask them what you should do with this problem of the logging in thing Maureen... they may have a better idea on how thier new site works.. its a bit strange to me too sorry

    Re your lady... sounds like it may be respiratory and also crop

    Feel her crop.. tell me what you feel please.. give me a really indepth details response please.. also look at her vent and tell me what you see.. all pink and wet.. dry .. with spots etc... be graphic ok

    She may have something internal that we can't see or treat ..so be prepared ok
  • maureenmaureen Junior Member
    edited August 2006
    Hello Sandy
    My chuck hasn't got a crop its just boney. Her vent area is normal but very smelly. When i give her food she opens and shuts her mouth as if shes eating but dosen't have anythink. She is so light. I'm worried ,she must eat. Tried everythink. She stopped laying about two weeks ago. Her last eggs were a funny shape and thin shelled. They all finished a course of Flubenvet a week ago which this poorly one was eating alot of the layers pellets it was in. Could flubenvet have an effect on her?

    The last one i posted about with swollen abdomen is okay now. She moulted. I've read loads about the moult but i still don't understand it. My first experience of a poorly chicken was 6 weeks after i got them. I thought one were going to die and it moulted. If they are carriers of somethink can it be brought out when they moult and are low? I do hope this one is because of the moult but i don't think so. I am still trying to treat with oxytetracycline. I hope she gets better.

    I went onto quick links and done that. I'll see if it works next time. Maureen

    PS Everyone keeps telling me now the best thing to do so i can have more chickens is to dispose of all my 13. I usually only get one egg a day now from 13. I don't know whether that was down to the heatwave we had. They hated it. My one with sterile peritonitis nearly passed out i think. She looked real bad. I took her away and stood her in cold water and put some over her. She got a bit better then.Can the heat put them off laying?
  • SandySandy Senior Member
    edited August 2006
    Hi Maureen

    Yes heat can put all birds of the lay... especially if they are stressed out over it and unable to cool down

    I put out a cat kitty litter dish under a tree to keep the wate cool .. I fill it with water and the birds love to stand in it to cool themselves down..

    Just an idea

    I am really at a loss to what might be causing this in your bird
    She may have growths inside her causing her to lose her appetite and weight and killing her slowly

    It may be

    Blue comb

    Also called:
    Avian monocytosis, the greens, mud fever, new wheat disease, non-specific infectious enteritis, pullet disease, summer disease, X disease

    Rare in chickens
    Digestive system affected
    It spreads extremely slowly
    In pullets, depression, hunching up.

    Loss of appetite, weight loss, distended sour smelling crop, bluish comb, greenish watery or pasty bad smelling diarrhea, dehydration, sunken eyes, shrivelled shanks, cold feeling body
    Its cause is unknown, (chickens are resistant to the strain coronavirus that causes bluecomb in turkeys)

    It is possibly a virus combined with stress induced by hot or rainy weather.
    Lack of drinking water, lack of shade, or change in feed
    It is sometimes followed by feeding immature oat or wheat grains

    Mortality can be up to 50%
    It resembles acute septicaemia, it is quite difficult to diagnose

    Raise the temperature in the coops
    Use antibiotics and vitamins
    Disinfect and leave the coops empty for a time
    The only way to beat is to have good sanitation
    Breed it out, by breeding for resistance
    There is no treatment known that will cure your birds
    You will have to cull the affected birds
    You could try a molasses flush, or a ½ teaspoon coper sulfate (powdered bluestone) per gallon of drinking water, don’t use a metal dish, use only a plastic dish to put it into (for 2 days)

    Human risk: none

    But I really can't say what it may be without having expensive tests done on her

    If the other birds are having a bad time in the heat .. this is why they are not laying.. if you get new birds they won't lay either with the heat stress .. so not much point in getting new birds at this stage ok

    Seeing as this girl is not responding to treatment.. I really hate to say this .. but you may be wiser to put her down and consentrate on the ones that are alive and check them out.. check their crops and check their butts to make sure they are not going through the same thing

    Sorry Maureen.. wish I could give you better comfort and help
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