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WANTED pullets in merseyside

micmic Member
edited February 2008 in Market Place
does anyone know of a supplier of pullets of any breed around 3 months old thanks alot mic . i need 2 pullets for my cockeral paxo who is 12 weeks old im particularily bothered on the breed its just some company for him and maybe some nice fresh eggs as a reward thanks alot mic


  • king_wolfking_wolf Junior Member
    edited February 2008
    First are you located in the US and if you are i am willing to raise the amount of chicks you want to the age you want and i will only chanrge you the origional fee i bought them plus 20 cents per bird, cost of feed and overnight shipping to you. i dont know if it will be a good deal for you but i am just trying to conduct some bussiness for me to do and also i will not charge you any fee for any chicks aht die while they are in my possesion. thanks!:D
  • micmic Member
    edited February 2008
    im located in the united kingdom. liverpool
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