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Ideal Hatchery Quality/WANTED. Sumatra, Phoenix, Yokohama, Leghorn.

equineloverkimequineloverkim Junior Member
edited February 2008 in Market Place
Hello everyone, has anybody purchased Sumatras, SC Light Brown Leghorns, Yokohamas, or Golden Phoenix's from Ideal Poultry or even Murray McMurray. The reason I wondered is I want pretty descent "sexed" chicks. If you have purchased any of those breeds, how were they? Good-looking birds of descent quality? I'm not looking for very very high quality, but I would like some true to their breed.

Or perhaps you can direct me to a breeder that I can get descent birds for a descent price. I know I sound cheap, but I'm not getting into serious competition or starting my own genetic strains or whatnot. Just want good birds true to their breed.


  • king_wolfking_wolf Junior Member
    edited February 2008
    hi i have actually purchased the light brown leg horns before and i got what i wanted but even if i didnt get that certian breed i strongly recomend ideal poultry. i have ordered from the three times and have never had a dead chick during delivery and excelent chicks with 100% sex gurantee
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