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a coop

micmic Member
edited December 2007 in Market Place
i have recently hatched a chick of my own and my mum has decided we can keep him/her. he/she is only 3 weeks old at the moment but we want to prepare for when the weather becomes warmer and hecan go outside. we will hopefully hatch 2 or 3 more chicks for company in a few weeks. any ideas on how big their coop and run should bebearing in mind they will need space behind mesh because of local cats. thanks mic. alos any tips on buying or building one. we have a big yard aswell


  • chookchaserchookchaser Member
    edited December 2007
    Hi, we have two of these http://www.omlet.co.uk/shop/shop.php?cat=Eglu there easy to clean and fox proof, we have 2 chooks in each one but you could fit 3 in it easy. Plus they also do the cube now which houses up to 10, hope this helps.
  • JesseJesse Senior Member
    edited December 2007
    Hi, just to tell you... cats dont harm chickens. I keep my chickens in the barn for the winter wiht my cats and they get along GREAT!! But as for the space... i would at least build a coop 10x8feet. With a large( bout half or a queatre the size) indoor part. If you are not going to let them out everyday.... then you should have meaby a 15x14feet. They will need perches... nesting boxes... and a heat lap in the winter. The perches should be fairly high... they feel safer up higher. And as i said in other posts you may need one half way up so they can access it easily. I would go out and buy hatched chicks from a local market. That way you know for sure they have a living chance and they wont be very age different. But oyu will need to get them soon beacuse chicken are not very happy when there is only one.

    Any ferther questions are welcome.
  • micmic Member
    edited December 2007
    so dont you think the local cats will touch them. also people have said it will be hard to get hold of chicks at this time of year. does it matter what breed they are can they be mixed thanks mc . . .
  • Heather07Heather07 Senior Member
    edited December 2007
    I dont think so my cats like the chooks...Although I wuldnt let them near my likkle chicks...about the size of a robin.

    If you want to have mixed breeds thats entirely up to you it doesnt matter any really. Rocky and Pumkin are cross breeds and there fine LOL.

    People hatch chicks, ducks, quail alsorts all year round because they wont be going outdoors this side of the year....Well my friend anyway.

    Do they have to have a heat lamp in the winter? I know loads of people who dont have a heat lamp in there coops and there chooks are fine?

  • micmic Member
    edited December 2007
    i was meaning can different breeds of chickens be kept together thanks mic
  • priapria Junior Member
    edited December 2007
    I keep a mixture of different breeds together and apart from the odd pecking order tiff, they get along fine. I have Cochins, OEG & hybrid laying hens. I also have 5 cats and a very lively puppy and have no problems with any of them, although I dont let them near any chicks until they no longer resemble small birds.

    As for the chicks, in the winter I start them off in the house under a heat lamp until they are 4/5 weeks, then move them to the shed with a heat lamp for another 2/3 weeks, then turn off the heat lamp and keep them in the shed until they are fully feathered up and just allow them outside for short periods when the weather is ok/dry.

    Good luck.
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