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My hen keeps "gasping"

My 2-3 year old hen keeps making "gasping" or "swallowing" movements. She has been doing it for a few weeks now. I know it's a bit late to only ask about it now, but it started when I was busy with my exams so I didn't see her that much.

Usually my chickens fix themselves so at first I kind of ignored it, but I'm starting to get worried. About a week ago I googled it and they said I should massage her crop and give bread soaked in olive oil.

Well I did massage her crop, and the next day she seemed better so I was happy, but it's been a few days after that and she's again making big gasping movements.

She doesn't want to eat the bread soaked in olive oil (she's a picky eater) she eats and drinks normally and her crop does go empty after she sleeps and still poo's normally and everything. I also opened her mouth to look inside and saw nothing.

Does anyone know what it might be and how I can help her? I'm really worried.

Edit: she seems to be "swallowing" harder when she is laying/sitting down than when she is standing


  • I would just like to add an update to this for people who might have the same problem with their chickens in the future.

    My hen, Pokkie, apparently had an air bag infection which is really hard to cure. We tried our best, but she unfortunately passed away last year December. I was not there with her are that time, but she was with her chicken family and I believe she passed away in a comfortable environment.

    I hope if this happens with anyone else, everything will go smoothly.

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