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whats the matter with Kips?

Mr Kipling isnt very well and i cant figure it out
 once or twice recently hes been tired on waking but then gone on to be fine . However , yesterday he stayed groggy all day and kept taking himself off away from the others and only eating a tiny bit
 difficult to say if hes breathing differently because cockerels breathe faster than hens
 hes had some vitamin drops and eaten some maggots and one grape so far today and of course ive spoon fed him water. he crowed earlier so cant be that bad
 all i can think is that the heat has weakened him and the newbies are such gannets and hes spending so much time telling them off that food disappears before hes had a chance to eat . cockerels dont eat much in breeding season anyway but his crop was totally empty yesterday .
ive kept him in the hospital pen since yesterday evening . Luckily theres enough room for both him and Buffy in there - shes decided she should sleep there every night for the past few weeks
thoughts anyone , even from ye
x kath


  • solarbatssolarbats Senior Member
    Does he have any white urates in his poop or is it very watery? I'm wondering about kidney issues....
  • undautriundautri Senior Member
    his poo is pretty normal
    ive kept him in but yesterday about 4 pm after force feeding him some sweetcorn and grapes and sunflower seeds and vitamin water he escaped out the garden so i thought id leave him a while he walked around under some bushes for a few minutes then decided it was a good idea to sunbathe in the middle of the path in full sunlight ,so i brought him back in again!hes crowing- usually a good sign
    im keeping him in today as the temperature is set to be high again
    the only signs that the hens are being affected by the heat is Pippy walking around with her wings fluffed up every so often but theyre all still eating and drinking
    i still think its like heat stroke and its affecting him more because hes black . i hope thats all it is anyway
    x kath

  • solarbatssolarbats Senior Member
    It is concerning that he won't eat. Maybe time to try some Critical Care?!
  • undautriundautri Senior Member
    thanks Helen
    i put him out for a few hours yesterday evening when it was cooler and he did peck at things and quite enjoyed some blackberries that i managed to throw to him without the others seeing .He picked some leaves and fed them to buffy and he treaded buffy too .
    today hes fed himself with maggots , millet seeds and another blackberry, so a good start to the day
    cocks dont eat much in the summer anyway - Krull used to practically starve himself - but Kips has overdone this now
    im out galavanting later so hell be in til this evening again today
    wheres Sandie when ive got a cock problem?
    meanwhile .........ive now got a problem with Pippy ........
    x Kath
  • sandiesbrahmassandiesbrahmas Super Moderator
    Sorry to hear about Kips.....is he crowing and strutting or is he subdued?
    You're right about cocks eating poorly at times....my big nasty cock AJ seems to eat next to nothing, whereas Mr Glas (who is alpha and the ladies' favourite) spends most of his time offering food to his harem, but eats rather better.
    Maybe it is the heat, but is he drinking enough? Some of my birds seem to neglect their fluid intake.
    Is he moulting?
    I don't have anything very useful to suggest in spite of my history of hatching 4X more cockerels than hens....grrrrrrr.
    I hope that he perks up with a little TLC (or, knowing you, Kath, LOTS of TLC).
    Now has the forum layout changed yet again or is it just the pathetic internet where I live?
  • undautriundautri Senior Member
    hi Sandie
    he is crowing now and again and is picking at food but not guzzling like the hens do eg when i give the hens a blackberry they eat it whole whereas he nibbles the small pieces off it. the only water he seems to be taking is when we drip some from a syringe for him but he may be taking some from the bowl when im not around
    both Krull and Buzz died of heart attacks- i think most cockerels do - so Kips is making me worried with his lack of energy at times . hes snoozing in the hospital pen now - midday.
    yes the layout of the forum has changed yet again!
    x Kath
  • undautriundautri Senior Member
    Kips took a turn for the worse yesterday- he brought me to tears twice when i thought id lost him but managed to bring him back from the brink by syringing electrolytes and raw egg yolk and nutridrops into him every 1-2 hours
    hes still weak today but when hes awake seems a bit more alert and looking around
    im too nervous to take him to the vet as the stress would surely finish him and ive already tried abs on him so not much else the vet could give me anyway
    im making my own electrolytes .....2ltrs water (pop bottle), half a teaspoon of salt , half a teaspoon of baking powder and two teaspoons of sugar
    he did a very loose yellow poo at one stage yesterday but its got more solid bits in it today and no longer yellow
    myco? heart? heat stroke/dehydtration?or silkies are well known for vitamin deficiencies and wry neck
    x Kath
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